5 Occupy Pittsburgh Protestors Arrested

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Five protestors with Occupy Pittsburgh and anti-drilling activists have been arrested.

Tuesday marked the first day of a three-day Marcellus and Utica Shale conference at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

Pittsburgh Police Commander Tim O’Connor said the protestors were cited for disorderly conduct and failure to disperse.

They were taken to the Allegheny County Jail for arraignment.

About 150 people were part of the demonstration.

Protest organizers would not say if they plan to continue demonstrations for duration of conference.

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One Comment

  1. Dave says:

    I can’t help but laugh when I drive by these losers on Grant Street. Seriously, they must be doing their parents proud.

    1. red says:

      doing their parents proud? cant help but laugh at that ridiculous statement

  2. ??? says:

    I’m curious, who are they and why are they there?

    1. Buddy says:

      United States citizens… Protesting the drilling of our state. As our constitutional rights currently allow.

  3. Carrie Palaisa Tajc says:

    God forbid someone stand up for your rights. I just realized today that in my 17 years in the work force ( most of which I had a degree) that I have never had a job where I had a lunch break, only worked 8 hour work days, had benefits, and got paid anywhere near what I deserve. This movement is in response to ridiculous ceo salaries, the rich not paying their fair share of taxes, stagent wages, and profit being the bottom line instead humanity…like cutting education. We see what cutting education does to people in the above posts.
    I would be honored if my child was there instead of trolling the internet and filling my inferiority complex up by putting down others.

    1. What happened to this country says:

      Fair share? What the hell is a fair share. So quick to look at the rich who earned it, or parents earned it for them, same difference. What about the generation after generation who refuse to work, have never filed for taxes, and feel entitled to free things. My great grandfather was homeless, I grew up wealthy. I am so proud of that, not ashamed. Generation after generation in my family we busted our ass took make the next generation better. Why should we be treated any different?

      1. Kate Teets says:

        Awesome way with words Carrie! Refreshing really!

    2. keep occupying says:

      you are so right on carrie well said thanks

    3. Ken says:

      Enough with the liberal phrase “paying their fair share”. The rich pay most of the taxes in this country. Quit with your jealousy already.

      1. oh kenny boy! says:

        They make most of their money on dividends, they only pay 15% tax on dividends. someone making $40,000 will pay 28%… why do you love that kenny boy? cause fox news tells you to?

      2. Mayor of GBD says:

        28% of $100,000 is $28,000 while 15% of $1,000,000 is $150,000…so “oh kenny boy”, you are an idiot who failed math. in this scenario, the rich guy pays 6 times as much tax.

        Try again you whiner. Sux to be on the bottom of the food chain, doesn’t it?

      3. to the mayor of greed says:

        28-15 = 13 math wiz!


        Pay your share and quit crying like a baby.

      4. Ken says:

        @oh kenny boy. Who cares about the percentage. The (those evil rich that you’re so obviously jealous of) pay MOST of the money that runs this country. As a bottom line, the money that the govt runs on (not counting the part that they go into debt over) is a direct result of the taxes that the rich pay. Sorry to tell you, but it’s the gvt yearly tax reports that tell me/us this information, not some news network.

      5. blo me gbd says:

        to mayor of gbd im ok down here at the bottom of the food chain now that your mom and wife got here let the party begin oooh yeah

      6. Mayor of GBD says:

        greed (math dunce) $150K divided by $28K is 5.37. Shoot me for rounding up to 6 times. You failed math, so back in the corner little one.

        blo me – my wife wouldn’t let you on the property. But, thanks for letting your wife and daughter service me and my son.

    4. Free Choice says:

      If I found a company that makes billions of dollars in any given industry, and I become CEO of the company, I have earned the right to pay myself as much as I want. I have also earned to right to hire/fire anyone I choose. If you have been in the workforce for 17 years and you have a legitimate 4 year degree that includes meaningful, productive experience, then clearly, you either made the decision to seek a career in an industry with a future that was either very underpaid or underemployed. We live in a nation that supports the right to free choices. Thus, we, as a whole, should understand that these free choices have both good and bad consequences. It was your choice to seek whatever specific degree you have earned in your past. I do not know your reasons for making this decision but I do know that you had the freedom to make it. If you wanted a career with more benefits, you should have chosen an field of study with very beneficial future opportunities rather than basing your critical decision on something else. I have a degree in Software Engineering, and I reek the benefits that you do not have because I chose a career with low unemployment rates as well as exponential rates of predicted growth. At the end of the day, it is a free market filled with billions of free choices.

  4. I hate mobs says:

    Thank you Pittsburgh Police for keeping the loons at bay! They’ve cause rampant crime and damage in other cities. Washington DC allowed these types to break into a conservative conference, block the streets and shove a 78 year old woman down a flight of stairs. Keep control and these losers will go away. Drums and a saxaphone? Reailly? You want to be taken seriously when you threaten people? A mob going after conference-goers is threatening. Go to jail. Get lost. If you really don’t want marcellus shale gas, then I suggest you live in a tent permanently, with no heat of any kind but solar.

    1. Mayor of GBD says:

      no one said you can’t protest moron…you can’t impede traffic or block sidewalks. That is a crime even if you aren’t protesting.

    2. Buddy says:

      Did you even read the article Mayor or are you too mad at the world? Arrested for failure to disperse… That is in direct conflict with the constitution “right of the people to assemble”. This article did not mention blocking traffic as a reason for arrest. You would be better off being the Mayor of Fascism.

    3. joanne says:

      police are worse…

      Mayor Mike McGinn said he’s sorry police pepper-sprayed peaceful Occupy Seattle demonstrators, after a photo of 84-year-old demonstrator Dorli Rainey’s dripping face went viral. But the apology didn’t satisfy protesters who say the police response has been “excessive.”

    4. Mayor of GBD says:

      well, Buddy, the news footage shows them standing in the street and blocking the sidewalk. I’m not angry, actually amused. The site of these “sheep” makes me laugh out loud.

      Sig Heil and bow to your Furher!

  5. Working on the Marcellus says:

    The Occupy people seem to be protesting the growing difference between the very rich and the poor. I get that you cannot live on a $10/hr job, and that the economy needs a robust middle class. What confounds me is why these people are protesting against something that is bringing better paying jobs and income into the economy. Instead they are taking minimum wage day jobs to be protesters!

  6. Zoeyzotron says:

    They should not have been arrested!

  7. realitycheck says:

    They might have the right to protest, but threatening people, police or defecating and urinating in public is beyond disgusting. If they want to protest, they can go home at night and come back the next day — not have tent camps. Find it really unbelievable that people in this country think that the supposed “rich” should support those who don’t want to work — have worked since I was 16 and no one handed me anything. Much of that time I worked two jobs, but now that my husband and I finally have half decent paying jobs — that anyone thinks we should help take care of those that don’t want to work 1 job or two jobs to live is ridiculous.

  8. icketmaster says:

    That really didn’t look like an “unruly crowd”…

  9. gman says:

    It`s amazing that so many people are happy with the redistribution of the wealth from the working class to the already wealthy. Similar to southern farm boys who fought for the confederacy not realizing that they weren`t much better off than the slaves.

    1. I'm not a Republican says:

      There must be a lot of Republicans out there for Fox News is the # 1 news station.
      I for one don’t need Fox news to make up my mind I can think for myself , I’ll pray for your sorrow and frustration Buddy.

  10. Not Going Away says:

    I noticed my earlier post was once again removed it was above Zoey’s 11/16/11 at 10:06 am post.
    I think everyone should support peoples right to protest, only I don’t find Occupy’s to be valid.
    I have seen 2 different ads hiring for this protest in the Post Gazette one in early September for protesters for a just economy and recently for community organizers for a just economy both offering payment from the AFL-CIO.
    Every time I post this the whiners complain that this is not true and kdka removes my post.
    Is somebody trying to hide my post? What are you afraid of if you feel it’s not true?
    I fully support anyone that honestly are there for a cause and not for those that are hired.
    Just seeing these ads in the paper makes this cause look to be a fake set up..
    Keep removing my posts and I’ll just keep posting the truth that the AFL-CIO is afraid of.

    1. jeff says:

      No one is afraid of your wack conspiracy’s. really? lets see these posts?

      1. Is it a conspiracy says:

        Someone obviously is afraid for my posts over several news stories have been removed.
        Sorry if you don’t believe this and feel it’s a conspiracy the truth be known there are a lot of people that do know this information and the AFL-CIO has hurt the protests cause as you can see by a lot of posts of people that are not taking them seriously.
        With all the violence being reported at these events make them all look like radicals even the legitimate ones.
        In conclusion you can’t hurt me with your words the truth is on my side., and I can’t show you something that’s been removed sorry pay attention next time.

      2. Jeff says:

        The only violence i have seen is by the men in blue. They just peppered sprayed an old lady and sent a pregnant teen to the hospital. What did they do to deserve that?

      3. Not Going Away says:

        Jeff, I don’t know what they did I did not see it sorry, one of the things I did see was a protester in New York threatening to fire bomb Macy’s and many other acts of violence and reports of violence on tv.
        If you feel so strongly about it why don’t you go and join them? I for one would support a legitimate protester THAT PEACEFULLY PROTESTS. GOOD LUCK.!

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