Would A New Law Really Protect More Children?

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — KDKA Radio’s Robert Mangino talks to Richard Wexler, executive director of the Nation Coalition For Child Protection Reform.

Wexler argues that the new proposed child abuse reporting laws would just put an overdue burden on the justice system.

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  1. Julien says:

    No. We have enough laws out there and they have not succeeded in protecting children. More laws will only result in more harm to innocent people because more laws will create more hysteria. Unfortunately, abuse is only detected after the fact. At that point the best thing we can do is arrest the accused and give them their due process in court, subsequently protecting the victims. Let the evidence speak for itself. In the meantime, protect your children. Pedophiles come from all walks of life. Wherever children gather, there will be pedophiles. Don’t blindly send your kids out there with adults who work in positions of authority and trust because they may not be trustworthy. Don’t send your kids on overnights with strangers alone. Volunteer to be a chaperone. Educate your children. Protect your children. You don’t have to be a helicopter parent to be a good parent. Use reason, logic and good judgment.

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