Tax Increase Bill Introduced To Allegheny County Council

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Allegheny County Council formally introduced a bill that would raise taxes for property owners.

The bill is likely to pass, but County Executive Dan Onorato could veto it.

However, Council could also override Onorato’s veto with a super majority, which is a vote of 10 council members or more.

The proposed county real estate tax increase is one mill.

The owner of a $100,000 house would pay an extra $100 a year.

Council members say it is needed to counteract cuts in the county budget which would affect human services.

Council President Jim Burn is one of two Democrats who isn’t sure he’ll vote for it.

“I think we have to show the taxpayers of Allegheny that we as a county council have exhausted all remedies and all eyes have had an opportunity to look at this before we take such a significant step,” he said.

A Republican councilman says he’s hearing from residents.

“We are hearing that from them, but I think I heard it before we even started this from Washington, from Harrisburg where you know, you turn on Fox, CNN you hear nationwide find solutions without raising taxes,” Vince Gastgeb said.

The 2012 budget will be $37 million less than the 2011 budget.

However, it could bring in much more since properties are now being reassessed, which some hope the county will keep in mind.

“I think any windfall increase in assessment should be balanced by a reduction in the millage,” David Horvath, of Mt. Lebanon, said.

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One Comment

  1. bruceUSA says:

    Come on Dan!! Vetoing this property tax increase would be an excellent ending tribute to your service as county executive!!! By all means do the right thing!!!

  2. Jeff Becker says:

    Why are the property owners required to pony up for increases in human services? I believe the problem is too much human services. Sounds pretty harsh, but every program that is introduced to help a specific number of people ends up expanding. Is there a government official that can tell me one government program that has done what is was intended to and then ends? All programs do is end up attracting more and more people to take advantage of what was intended to do something nice and then is exploited by people who realize they will not have to make tough decisions in their life because government will provide for them. And you know what, they’re right! People are getting lazier and lazier because they know government will make available thousands of programs to help them squeak by.

    1. A ? of legitimacy says:

      Mr. Becker you’re right there are too many services, I personally know some working parents that live high on the hog and lie to get these services, and I’m sure that is one of the biggest problems is a lack of who is honestly entitled.
      This is not a matter of those who work and claim they’re not lazy for I believe them the question really is are you legitimately entitled, and that is where the real fault is, and also what hurts others.
      Those who want to cry for human kind and make excuses that they work and are not lazy and act like they are entitled. YOU ARE THE ONES HURTING HUMAN KIND.

  3. Bruce says:

    Its so disgusting how us the people that pay the taxes have to take on more and more expense. Wonder why people are losing their homes? Look at yourselves (government local and fed…) How about some of you cut your insanely large salaries and quit hurting the American people. You think just 20 dollar increase here 15 there it adds up and will cause more loss then good. So depressing to know that living paycheck to paycheck will just get tougher for people that work so hard…

  4. george says:

    my hohome vaule goes down my pay goes down since1997 and everything goes up tax your ass

    1. bruceUSA says:

      So true George! Since our property values are going down why aren’t the taxes?? These so called leaders are NUTS!!!

  5. Danny says:

    Go ahead and raise’em. When the day comes that I need help you better not tell me that I made to much money to get any help when I’ve paid for these programs for 40 years!

  6. Numb to it all says:

    Funny how they held off with this proposal until after the democrat won the election. Where was it three or four weeks ago? You mean this shortfall just came about last week? Wow!

    tax and spend and tax and spend. When will you realize that all they want to do is take your money and spend it? Another bail out of the Port Authority to pay their exorbitant pensions and heath care? How about RAD? Those few pennies from the Onorato drink tax really add up to millions.

    They famous quote that keeps coming up from sheepish-idiots “The democrats are for the working man”. Ha! No they’re not! See through the smokescreen for once and for all.

  7. Joe says:

    I thought something might be up when I saw the Fitzgerald leaflets that the unions were handing out at the polling places and there was a tube of K-Y jelly attached to it.

  8. dave says:

    when is enough enough ? i purchased a home in 2001 for 80,000 i pay 335.00 in taxes and home owners JUST to live there…i dont care if its a penny increase ITS too much!!!! what happen to rivers casino ? assisting w/ taxes…those corrupt criminals continue to make millions and kick nothing bk to the wrkn class…If u sit down and figure out what u really pay in taxes u would FALL over…Middle class pays over 55% in taxes once u figure it all out…WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH !!!!!!!! ?

  9. Critter says:

    Keep voting for democrats. This is what u get.Of course a certain group of people dont own homes so they love taxes

  10. Paul says:

    This started because Bill Robinson cried because Onorato cut down on funding for human services, which a majority of Robinson’s constituents receive, and which for the most part, don’t pay taxes. So, the working class person has to once again foot the bill for the person who decides it’s easier to live off of the government than it is to actually work. This makes me sick. I have no problem with supporting someone who is down and out, but I am sick and tired of footing the bill for the person who is able-bodied, but still chooses to live off of the governemnt. This has got to stop!

  11. Christine says:

    Teaching people how to be parents? That is a joke! Also, I’ve worked my entire life, and am a homeowner, and when my kids were young, I placed them in daycare and after school care, at my own expense. No one subsidized my income or offered any program subsidizing the fee for this care. It is not government’s responsiblity to take care of every person’s, every need. If you want government assistance for everything, move to a socialized country, because that’s what it is.

  12. AC says:

    Another reason to leave Allegheny County and these democrat thieves. Can’t wait to move out of this city and this county….On top of all these taxes we must pay for private school because the city schools are horrible.

  13. Timmy says:

    When will people in Pittsburgh learn that a democrat isn’t for the people the way they were many years ago? A week after the democrat wins the election and now there is a new tax increase on the table. Democrats ARE NOT FOR THE PEOPLE.

    1. I agree says:

      The proof if one pays good attention is that the democrat politicians are for union people that fund their elections to power.

  14. matt says:

    The legislators are too scared to cut the publicly funded pension plans of city employees and therefore have to keep raising taxes. No more public pension plans. If the taxpayers are paying for it, public employees should have 401Ks like those paying for their employment. Want a straight-forward way to balance the budget? Cut the pensions, and institute 401ks.

    1. matt the dummy says:

      this is county tax not a city tax.

  15. Victor says:

    Joe. Get help. quit watching cnn

  16. BravoMike says:

    A typical dumbocrat move… take more money away from those members of society who have actually worked to make something of themselves, in order to support the lazy, bottom of the barrel, unmotivated life-sucking liberals who don’t know the meaning of hard work. Good one. Wake up, people… we need to be LOWERING taxes, not raising them!

  17. Luke R says:

    I’m fat . lazy, don’t pay taxes and live off the Government and others peoples sweat, get free food at the food, banks, food stamps, section 8, housing, free medical care, Acess card, dental care, and sell drugs on the side. I say increase the taxes on the working fools. LOL

  18. NO NEW TAXES says:

    I think I’m gonna quit my job and head for the looney bin. I’ll, walk away from my mortgage and go into foreclosure, quit paying my bills, apply for food stamps, head to the local food bank, get inta some nice Section 8 housing, get my flu shot with my new medical card, get my teeth worked on. Why work when these incompetent government officials LIE and STEAL from the working people. Where the hell is our tax reduction from the damn CASINO????? You’re all liars and thieves.

  19. METRO says:

    Hey, let’s get those “Ocupy Pittsburgh” knuckheads to decend on the County Council and scream for us 49% who pay all the taxes for these entitlement programs that never accomplish a thing, but make more lazy people slaves to the government. When will this county wake up and vote Republican.

    1. bruceUSA says:

      This county is brain-washed DEMO-RATS!!! Your better off moving out of the county. I am. These DEMO-RATS will never be exterminated!!!

      1. Thomas J Duttine's Taint says:

        we need more REPUBLICANTS in charge around here. Because they have all the answers!

  20. One small voice says:

    Where’s the cutting of programs, benefits, staff, to save money. It’s always raise taxes. You voted Fritzie the Cat into office, this is his payback to his supporters. Until these lifetime politicians are voted out, mismanagement will prevail since they know what’s good for the people.

  21. Enough is Enough says:


    1. Sure says:

      what’s their phone # ?

  22. Hotel says:

    I have never met a democrat who did not like a tax

  23. wackojacko says:

    “Enough”. They are all democrats. They love taxes. Incease medicaid to the freeloaders.

  24. Dave says:

    This is what happens when career politicians get into office – business as usual. At least Onorato never raised taxes. Council has nerve asking anyone for more money. Allegheny County is losing residents by the thousands, and it’s because of the decisions these lackeys are making. There are fewer residents, which require fewer services, so the tax rate should not be going up. And for those who continually rely on government for assistance, GET A JOB!

  25. Drug Sheilds says:

    So you admit that Democrats do do work. You said it, not me.

  26. Zoeyzotron says:

    Typical Democrats… I expect nothing less… Yet we continue to vote them in time after time….

  27. Mike Stivic says:

    Im so sick of these democrats! This Rich Fitzgerald is a rat! Its time for the revolution boys and girls! and to boot, Im a registered democrat.

  28. MustafaJohnson says:

    We wouldn’t need to have all these programs to help the poor if the poor would quit having kids they can’t support. Yeah there will be a few legitimate cases of people needing help but, not the tens of thousands we have because the bleeding hearts want to fund their bad behavior. STOP making babies you can’t take care of. How about being responsible for a change and decide if you can afford a kid before you DO IT!

Comments are closed.

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