Protestors With Occupy Movement March Over Greenfield Bridge

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Protestors with Occupy Pittsburgh held marched over the Greenfield Bridge in response to a call for a national day of action.

Several unions, including steelworkers, ironworkers and teachers participated.

The group held a rally at Magee Park in Pittsburgh’s Greenfield neighborhood before taking their message to the streets – close to the start of the evening rush hour.

The people in the demonstration say they represent the “99%” of Americans who are the workers of this country – including the unemployed and underemployed.

The group picked the Greenfield Bridge because they say it’s falling apart.

Additionally, protestors say they want the powerbrokers to understand that if they are put back to work, then they can be repairing bridges like the Greenfield Bridge and restoring the country’s infrastructure.

Some of the marchers carried signs that said: “Tax the rich, Fix a bridge,” “Fighting for the Middle Class” and “America Wants To Work.”

In New York City, activists planned to march over bridges and occupy the city’s subway system.

The rally comes just two days after New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg broke up the camp in Zuccotti Park where demonstrators had been staying.

On Tuesday night, five protesters with Occupy Pittsburgh along with anti-drilling activists were arrested near the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

Stay with KDKA for the latest on this developing story.

Occupy Pittsburgh
5 Occupy Pittsburgh Protestors Arrested
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One Comment

  1. Dave says:

    Wow – if these people would spend half as much energy trying to get a job as they do trying the break the law, they wouldn’t have anything to complain about now, would they/ Oh, that’s right, many of them are being paid to protest!

    1. T says:

      Yes, Dave. China and India, where all of the jobs have been outsourced, are really not that far of a commute. And of course, any four year degree will come in handy flipping burgers for minimum wage.

      Nice try, Mr. Koch.

      1. Dave says:

        I have a four year degree, and I have never had a problem finding a good paying job. Perhaps it’s all in how your present yourself. Nice try.

    2. Paul says:

      I know they keep denying that there are paid protestors, but it was proven that members of the defunct ACORN are behind a lot of the this, and we all know that ACORN has direct ties to our commander and chief. Wouldn’t be surprised at all that this is coup staged to socialize this country. Well, if any good is coming out of it, at least the people who are working to control the protestors are getting paid overtime, so that should help with the holiday spending.

    3. LP cna golden says:

      Dave By the why i work hard as a cna and i cant buy food are my meds …!!!!
      so stop saying get a job im not looking for a hand out i just want to pay my bills lol
      never in the job i got and dont say get a better job i love what i do i take care all the
      people guys like you right off like they didnt pay they did they padyed thier tax and more and they still are pay taxs and we still cant take care of them but know for
      sure you will get old to and the kids of to day will say we cant take care of you get a
      job just get 65 are older and you will see what feel like for someone like to say get a job

      1. Jeff says:

        Learn how to write!

    4. J says:

      @Dave How exactly are they breaking the law? This was a permitted march with absolutely no arrests and last time I checked peaceful protest is a guarantee in this country. It’s part of what makes us a democracy. There is even videographic evidence of police officers and protesters engaging in friendly conversation from this demonstration. No hard feelings on either end.

      Also, as far as your “get a job” comment, I can’t speak for everyone who attended, but my boss, a man who has never been much for protests, was even there today because even he’s not happy with the state of the country. There are a lot of problems with our country right now, everyone knows it, and here you are putting down the people who are actually out there trying to enact change.

      1. K COMES AFTER J says:

        @ J , I can’t speak for this march over the greenfield bridge, but Dave might be referring to the 5 arrests at the David Lawrence Center for disorderly conduct and failure to disperse of that action.
        Trying to engage police that are trying to keep some order is not peaceful, hopefully the rest of the protest will be peaceful and if it is I assure you the community will take you more seriously.
        I think the true protesters are the peaceful ones, the hired ones are the problem.

  2. Shhhh! says:

    Brake the law? what the constitution? Paying to protest is a republican smear tactic admitted by your god Glen Beck. These are people well within their rights. Those without empathy will suffer the wrath. Corporate greed and the greed of People like Dave ^ up there will soon find themselves on the other side of the fence. Your money is not backed by anything… the FED prints at will devaluing our dollar…. Police are militarizing.. Fema Camps, totalitarianism, obama, bush, civil disobedience, martial law… Time to act is now.

    1. Is shhhh meant to threaten me says:

      Shhhh it’s BREAK THE LAW, NOT BRAKE THE LAW. I personally seen ads for protesters 2 of them and usually my posts are removed when I say this. Those who talk about constitutional rights and freedom of speech in yet my comments get removed, and so does Glenn Beck from Fox News do we not have these rights of free speech also as well as your comment (these are people well within their rights)
      My god is above and the holy spirit and I’m a registered Independent and what I say is not meant to smear it’s the truth.

      1. Shhhh! yes says:

        Quit crying all the time Dave.

      2. Dave says:

        Sorry, I dont mean to cry all the time, I guess its because my mother pampered me like a little baby when i was growing up. I guess it’s also why i’m so feminine.

      3. Glen Beck says:

        Its SMEAR THE TRUTH, NOT SMEAR IT”S THE TRUTH. just sayin.

    2. Jim says:

      What flavor is that liberal kool-aid that you’ve been drinking?

      1. all about the constitution says:


      2. go occupy says:

        the same kind your mother served me lmao

  3. Working Man says:

    I wish I had the free time and vacation time that these azz holes have. They sould be ashamed of themselves. GET A LIFE! Go back into you little holes. Go back to work and if you don’t have a job, GET A JOB! Loosers, thats all you people are!

    1. Jeff says:

      So many cry babies in the world today. frankly you come off as a looser. No vacation time, always mad, and name calling… you’re probably not have much luck with the ladies huh? Maybe you should occupy a shoulder to cry on?

      1. Working Man says:

        Maybe you JEFF Should get a JOB and get a Life you azzhole!

      2. stop crying says:

        Yeah Jeff get a job want some help call 412-471-0285 the AFL-CIO is hiring for community organizers and that’s their number good luck .

      3. Jeff says:

        Oh working man, You are the best! Thanks but I have a job, I pay taxes, I own a home and have a family. Not to worry working man, I can help you! Some people like yourself missed out on nurturing when they were young. These people are often times angry and a bit compulsive. They sucked their thumb all the way through elementary school. They never really developed properly and are holding on to their baby instincts. Its ok, I wont call you a big baby, (some might) but you should work to better yourself! Show some empathy to the less fortunate, hey its a start right?

  4. Hello says:

    I refer to the occupy folks as the “I want” crowd:
    “I want someone to forgive my student loans because I’m too poor to pay them”
    “I want someone to give me free healthcare because I can’t find a job with decent benefits”
    “I want someone to give me a good job, because I was stupid and got a liberal arts degree thinking it would enable me to get a good job, even though it didn’t teach me any actual skills.”
    “I want everyone to think I represent 99% of the population”

    Please…time to grow up.

    You know what I want? I want you people to start taking some action instead of just complaining. And by action I mean…WORK. Get a JOB. Ever heard of it??? You don’t have a right to complain because you are the “I want” people. You want to leach off of society and then complain because the rest of us aren’t giving you enough free stuff.

    1. What the protesters parents should tell them says:

      Wow, what an accurate description, and directly to the point, thank-you .

  5. 1-2-3 says:

    Have any of you checked your 401K lately ? Or are you all Union people with guaranteed payments.

  6. dkimhil1 says:

    You need to shoe some respect the individuals in this march. These are your neighbors, teachers, police and fireman. All they want is the opportunity to work. They are not out of work because they wish to be. Like so many Americans they have been downsized by thier company. Thier jobs have been outsourced by thier companies board of directors that has a average salary in the high six figures. These are hard working union members that want honest work.

    1. Ellen Carlin says:

      I am in my mid sixties. In my time I have seen many street protest, they are frequently effective. You are wrong on that statement. This one has the look of a winner. When I was a small child minorities were treated very differently than they are treated now. Those changes were directly caused by protest. Again, when I was in my twenties I watched an immoral war ended by protest. Trust me things are going to change again.

    2. Yepp says:

      Ellen, you are incorrect. The Vietnam War was not ended by street protests. As you will recall, street protestors backed the anti-war candidate (George McGovern). McGovern was defeated in a landslide by Richard Nixon (the war candidate). Nixon responded by escalating the war. Later, it was Richard Nixon (the war candidate) who ended the Vietnam War. He did not end the war because street protestors asked him to. He ended it because he and his foreign policy advisors decided to pursue open relations with China. The Vietnam War was preventing open relations with China. I know that looking back on those days you would like to think you truly accomplished something. But I’m sorry to tell you, in this case you are wrong.

  7. Franco says:

    I was fired from 2 jobs for talking…….it’s slavery

  8. Simple Man says:

    I can’t understand why people begrudge others who have worked hard to get where they are at. You know, I went to college, got a job, not making top dollar, but I worked my way up to where I am comfortable. I put myself through college and paid my loans off. Why is it that the people who have worked hard to attain a comfortable living owe anyone anything? If you want anything in life, you must work for it. It’s easy to blame others for your shortcomings. There are jobs, but an employer is not going to hire someone who looks like a beatnick from the 60s. Come to think of it, maybe that’s the problem. These people who are protesting are perhaps the product of the 60s ”free love and drugs’ parents, so they are growing up with the same values.

  9. dansuxs says:

    If all they want is the opportunity to work. They souuld support the Right to Work bill to ban mandatory union membership in Pennsylvania.

  10. Critter says:

    Franco. Lay off the meth.

  11. Victor says:

    why do they all look like they need a good bath?

  12. Dave says:

    These Occupy people are simply crazy. Don’t get me wrong they have every right to protest as long as they don’t break other laws. Which we all know they are doing and is the reason a lot of them get arrested.

    Second, maybe these Occupy people would do a better job at protesting if they actually had a plan of action on how to fix what they see as problems. But to do that they would need to have a platform of what they actually want.

    1. red says:

      I agree, but it does seem like a lot is wrong right now… Lobbyists buying congress, jobs being out sourced, Banks bailed out, inflation, the fed printing money to pay debt, high unemployment and militarized police…. What would you pick?

  13. Victor says:

    where are the colored people?

    1. word says:

      Mo Money, Mo Problems!

    2. monroe says:

      my mom was a colored kid her said to me what up beatch i said oh dear momma dat aint nice guess what her said her said you are a jerk i said oh momma dat aint nice her said jump in da lake mo fo

      1. jumpin says:

        fo real

  14. tocchet says:

    dopes and demorats go hand in hand

  15. chris says:

    Why is it the richer millionares pay less taxes than the middle and lower income people?

    1. A.Bunker says:

      The top 1% pay 38% of all federal income tax and the top 10% pay 68%. I thought everyone knew these basic facts. I guess not. Tax the poor I suggest. They are nothing but freeloaders and should be paying more in federal taxes.

      1. gman says:

        The top 10% have 80% of the money.That`s why they pay a lot.

  16. tocchet says:

    they don’t you dope

  17. Greenfielder says:

    I was taking my child to the doctors office right at the end of the bridge during the protest march and I saw it personally. The whole thing lasted about 25 minutes. They marched from Magee field to the bridge, (about 2-3 blocks) and chanted on the bridge for about 15 minutes before leaving. The interesting thing was that many people only marched to the bridge and then started to leave almost immediately. They didnt stick around long and didnt seem very passionate once the TV camera’s had been turned off. I dont know if they were asked to be there by their union or some other group but many of them left very quickly.

    It seemed more like a photo op than a true protest. It was orderly and peaceful which I will commend them for, but it lacked any real passion or emotion. I have seen many other protests in Pgh and in DC when I lived there and this one was pretty small and appeared to have little steam.

    1. Won't be fooled says:

      That doesn’t surprise me as soon as I found out the union was involved I realized how fake it was.
      The union can’t stand on their own so they got involved and probably initiated it in an attempt to make it more than just a union protest which would not have gotten the attention it did.

  18. bill says:

    All you people voted for OBAMA so stop complaining. Next time you want to vote for change do it for a better reason than skin color.

    1. 2012 for real hope says:

      I didn’t buy into the race thing for there are many things I know about Obama and all the others that did not see these things are welcome to keep the change.

  19. bill says:

    I hope every one learned that no matter what the skin color, a politician is a politician.All the black american voted for him cause of his color and he stuck it to the middle and low income people. Good we got what you all voted for. I hope you don’t make the same mistake in 2012

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