Joe Paterno Has Lung Cancer

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (KDKA) — Former Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

His son, Scott Paterno, says the diagnosis came last weekend. He had a follow up appointment because of a bronchial condition.

Scott Paterno says his father has a “treatable form” of lung cancer and doctors expect him to make a full recovery.

Still, news of the diagnosis hit the Penn State campus hard.

“It’s really unfortunate everything that happened here with Joe and I wish him well – I hope he beats this,” a student told KDKA-TV.

“It’s a shame, he’s a good guy, he did a lot for the university,” another student added.

Despite the scandal and its fallout, the support for Paterno on campus is very strong.

“I’m a strong supporter of Joe Paterno and it pains me to hear that,” a student said.

Many feel he has already gotten a raw deal.

“He should have had the opportunity to let trial take its place,” the student added.

Scott Paterno says it’s a deeply personal matter and that his parents want privacy while his father goes through treatment.

The Paterno family has not revealed what type of cancer Joe Paterno is battling.

KDKA Health Editor Dr. Maria Simbra says there are two main types of lung cancer – small cell and non-small cell.

Non-small cell is the most common and accounts for 80 percent of lung cancers. Treatment will depend on what kind of cancer Paterno has, but usually the options for treatment include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Survival depends on how far advanced the cancer is at the time of diagnosis, overall health and other factors.

Generally, 14 percent of patients survive five years after diagnosis.

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One Comment

  1. tocchet says:

    god bless you joe pa we will be praying for you.

  2. A.Bunker says:

    Scott Paterno says it’s a deeply personal matter and that his parents want privacy while his father goes through treatment. Really Scott? Then why even bring it up in the first place. Maybe trying to influence a future jury pool by generating a lot of sympathy?

    1. Bea says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. People want privacy after they announce it to the world! Keep it to yourself then.

  3. BEEN there says:

    Well JF , if you are a true victim, then you know how embarrasing it is and how much you do NOT want people to know about it. Infact, you would never make it public and deal with it in private. Not make it a media frenzy.

  4. Rudy says:

    If Penn State would have put more emphasis on education than football, the board of scholars would have decided to end this embarrassment Before it became PSU’s darkest nightmare

  5. suxiao says:

    Unknown message

  6. Patoino says:

    Wait ’til you get your rear end sued off,Joe

  7. the bigger problem is still out there says:

    So have many priests…are you ranting and raving about them? THEY are still out there! Get off of Joepa as he’s been punished. Use your voice to HELP the victims going forward. Change laws! Require the Catholic Church to do half of what PSU has done. The scandal at PSU has brought a sex offender out in the public and he will go to trial. The Catholic Church has HIDDEN their sex offenders for 3 DECADES! People at PSU were fired over their actions. The CC just moved their “people” around AND NO ONE WAS FIRED. THEY ARE STILL OUT THERE! Now which of these is the bigger problem?

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