Elderly Man Nearly Beaten To Death In Brownsville

BROWNSVILLE (KDKA) — An elderly man is in critical condition after police say he was nearly beaten to death.

Police say the 75-year-old man was beaten by a much younger man around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday in Brownsville.

Witnesses say the suspect’s girlfriend would sometimes talk to the victim, and the attack may have been rooted in jealousy.

Police say they’re still investigating.

“We have some ideas but we still need to verify what the ideas are,” Brownsville Police Chief Stanley Jablonsky said of a potential motive.

Police say the suspect is in the Fayette County Jail on unrelated charges.

“Hopefully we will be filing charges if there are any charges to be filed soon,” Jablonsky said.

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  • Allison Elizabeth Bitonti

    That’s the wonderful Brownsville,PA . People here have nothing else to do. shame.

  • bruceUSA

    A middle aged man beating up on a 75 yr old man. Are you kidding me?? There’s only one word for a guy like that ! He’s a “chump” and there ought to be a whole new set of severe laws for people that would do that sort of thing. Beating up on an elderly man. Bring it over here you “gutless chump” !!

  • raul

    Brownsville is the armpit of PA…The most depressing town you will ever want to drive thru.

    • Allison Elizabeth Bitonti

      You got that right. I was born here and the only reason I am here is to help my parents . next spring I’m outta here.

  • Thomas J Duttine


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