The Milk Truck Is Ready To Roll

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Milk Truck is up and running and its creator has plans for the future.

The truck is a breast feeding support vehicle with a huge breast on the roof and a flashing red light.

Jill Miller, the truck’s creator, says the truck gets plenty of attention, and she says that’s the point because it sparks a discussion about breast feeding rights.

The initial idea of the truck was that if a nursing mom is made to feel uncomfortable at a restaurant or business, she could call The Milk Truck.

The truck would then swoop in to provide support and embarrass the business in the process.

Miller says so far, that scenario hasn’t happened, but she says they’re ready.

What they’ve done instead is set up the truck at events and businesses that have asked them to discuss breast feeding in public.

As for the future, Miller would like to help other groups across the United States build their own milk trucks.

She would also like to set up the truck at a Steelers tailgate party.

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One Comment

  1. Good Idea says:

    This lady really needs to get a life

  2. Bea says:

    Yea, having this thing swoop in to your rescue and climbing in it…nothing embarassing about that. There’s nothing a restaurant could do to me that would make me want to bring that on myself. And let’s guess how many fender-benders there will be from people gawking at this.

  3. Eric says:

    So if a woman is in a restaurant feeling uncomfortable to breast feed, all she has to do is call the Boobie Mobile, wait for it to battle traffic from it’s current location to get to the call, and allow the woman to use the truck? Buy the time it gets there her baby could have downed a whole bottle of milk if it was breast pumped at home. Let’s wait to see if a restaurant will create a secluded lounge for women to breastfeed, but just like the old GC Murphy bathrooms of the past, they would have to pay to utlilize, say 25 cents.

  4. Becky says:

    i nursed all 4 of my kids and never was I made to feel uncomfortable or embarrsed when I was in public with them….embarrasing would be to call this MILK truck to come to my rescue…..

  5. 2059 says:

    Who cares about the Milk Truck, bring the driver to my house.

  6. Idiot Mom says:

    Nice truck….won’t young children be offended when a giant boob comes down the street?

  7. Wacko World says:

    Only in a city as dysfunctioal as Pittsburgh could this happen……Right up there with Steely McBeam

  8. bruceUSA says:

    Now “‘burghers” can say “I’ve seen it all” !! WOW !! (is she licensed?)

  9. Dan Haggerty says:

    A solution in search of a problem.

  10. Bonnie B says:

    Oh Dear… I don’t know about this one!! Breast feeding should be a private thing.I feel you should be able to feed your baby anywhere as long as you are covered up,Old school I guess ..That’s what I am..LOL

  11. qtip says:

    That looks like an adult version of an “ice cream truck” for men.

  12. Rondo says:

    In Somalia they savages breast feeding is acceptable at the camel corral, the mud huts and in the rice line, if they had a tit-truck it would be used for a bathroom

  13. Steve says:

    Just curious, is it kdk@ or David Highfield with a b00b fetish? I’ve never seen a “news company” cover the same story so many times over such a long period when there’s nothing to report. We get it, you like the lactating angle…let it go already.

  14. wendy says:

    i kept hearing that this truck was controversial. really, who cares. breast feeding can be done anywhere just throw a little blankie over your shoulder. /rolls eyes/

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