Brownsville Beating Tied To Love Triangle

BROWNSVILLE (KDKA) — Surveillance video shows of the beating of an elderly man in Brownsville.

The suspect, John Godines, 35, waited outside of an apartment building and followed the 75-year-old victim to the back of the building where the altercation started.

The video shows Godines beating the victim outside of a Brownsville bar.

Godines, charged with aggravated assault, told police he was at the hospital visiting his newborn son when he got a call from the victim.

Sources tell KDKA the 75-year-old victim had a relationship Godines’ girlfriend and believed he was the child’s father.

On the evening of November 15, the victim came to the Brownsville House Apartments to deliver cigarettes to Amber McDonald.

Godines can be seen on surveillance tape waiting for him out front. He then goes around back where the victim parked and begins kicking the victim’s car before dragging him out and continuing to hit him in the face, head and body.

Godines walked away, but attacked the man again in front of the building. The victim was taken to Mon Valley Hospital before being flown to Pittsburgh.

Later that same night, police were called back to the apartments for a domestic involving Godines and his girlfriend, Amber McDonald.

Sources tell KDKA McDonald began hitting Godines because she was angry about what he had done to the 75-year-old man.

The victim remains in the intensive care unit at Mercy Hospital. If he passes away, Godines will likely be charged with murder.

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One Comment

  1. johnny69 says:

    Why wasn’t he arrested IMMEDIATELY when the 75 year old man was beaten? Can somebody please explain this?

    1. No More Violence says:

      This is the question that we all have! This guy was left go while the old man was life flighted to Pittsburgh! WHY???

  2. sammy298 says:

    I think this man needs to be charged with attempted murder. The elderly are fragile and that is just common sense. He pulled him out of the car for giving her ciggarettes and beat him up. I am so disgusted.

  3. what now says:

    Explain to me how a 35 year old “man” would be jealous over a 75 year old man? If his girl was running around on him then leave…idiot! No need to beat up anyone let alone an elderly man. And BTW she must be a real winner especially if she is still with this guy.

  4. No More Violence says:

    This 75 year old man is someone’s father, grandfather, brother or uncle! Imagine how his grandchildren feel seeing him lying in the street and not one single car stopped the help him. Grandchildren praying that their grandpap lives is not a way to spend Thanksgiving. A simple DNA test could answer any questions of paternity,,,without being beaten nearly to death! What a sketchy excuse to beat an old man!

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