Tanker Leaking Driveway Sealant Causes Problems On Pa. Turnpike

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A tar-like substance leaking from a tanker gave drivers on a section of the Pennsylvania Turnpike plenty of trouble.

The tanker, carrying 4,000 to 5,000 gallons of driveway sealant, got on the turnpike at the New Castle exit.

Turnpike Spokesman Bill Capone says most of the spill happened between New Castle and Warrendale in the eastbound lanes.

The tanker stopped at the Oakmont service plaza.

Capone says there were no reports of injuries or accidents but hundreds of cars were damaged.

Some drivers think the turnpike should have closed the road, but it was never shut down.

Crews are applying a salt-sand mixture to the lanes for traction and cleanup.

Motorists who experienced damage can call Travelers Insurance directly at 1-800-238-6225.

Stay with KDKA for the latest developments.

PA Turnpike Advisory
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  • Tuba

    Don’t they pave roads with tar?

  • Lisa

    I was in that nightmare and my car is coated in tar. It was truly scary and you better believe that trucking company is going to be paying out the wazoo for all the claims. I hope nobody got hurt or killed because of having to pull over in nthe construction zone with barely room to get off the highway!

  • Vladimir

    Those cars now wll last forever! With all that sealer “Tar”

  • Pirate Parrot


  • Peter Saarsgard

    Shiver me timbers. Tarrr!

  • Thomas Duttine's Taint

    the truck behind it was carrying a load of feathers. Both were on their way to the SuperCommittee reception in D.C.

    • Joyce

      I was so glad to get home, I was so tarred. LOL Now to deal with getting something done with my car. So many cars stranded in all the emergency pull over places along the highway even before we got near the toll booths. Went past Oakmont Plaza and cars were in the lots everywhere, with a line waiting to pull in. We had started our car starting to ride rough. Glad we took pictures of the damage. Can you imagine replacing and repairing hundreds of cars, and what about all those 18 wheeler trucks!!

  • republicants


  • Jerry Lundegaard

    Tarr! Geez. I’m… I’m not arguing here! I’m cooperating. So there’s no need to… we’re doin’ all we can here. How’s that Ciera working out for ya? Tarrr! Geez! Oh, Geez

  • Zach Carson

    Bedford was tar free :)

  • Joe Camel

    i love TARRR!

  • bruceUSA

    What in “tarrnation” !! I’ve got some white feathers if that ‘ll help!!

  • Critter

    Its Bush’s fault

  • Hotel6

    Hopefully the driver was following Rendel’s advise and not going the speed limit.That could cause an accident.

  • Donna Feeney

    The contact phone number listed is useless. Everytime you pick an option the phone disconnects!!!!

    • Jenny

      Try this number: 867-5309

  • Kelly P

    Contact number doesn’t work, won’t connect.

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  • thatsnottar

    Thats wasnt Tar NOOOOO Grape jelly! Yum if only a peanut butter truck went by and a bread truck!!!! As long as the Turnpike was collecting its tollsWHO CARES ABOUT THE PEOPLE!!!!

  • Meat

    I was not anywhere near the turnpike,nor did I have anything to do with this unfortunate event.

    • Ernest P. Worrel

      That begs the question then. Why did you feel the need to comment?

      • Meat

        Well,I’m not in the “driveway sealing industry” but it’s always been a dream of mine to be a part of a scheme to disrupt holiday travelers.

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  • Interested Party

    I am not from the area but I am in the driveway sealing industry. That material is not driveway sealer. It looks like a tar or asphalt material that has been cut with some type of solvent. Most straight tars or asphalts would almost “set up” in the rain and/ or cool temperatures within seconds and become almost brittle. Driveway sealer would be a mess but would not build up on car tires like that.

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  • Blossie

    Where was the Hazmat team? Glad I wasn’t on the turkpike. The clean up will be in the millions…..

  • Peg

    KDKA: PLEASE do a story on 11:00 PM news, tonight Wednesday as to actual current condition of that area of turnpike. We need to take 76 from New Castle to Breezewood tomorrow morning. PLEASE help – actual visual pictures of the road surface. Maybe also suggest alternative routes. THANKS for good coverage !!!!

  • bill

    two pike info numbers were useless. no news about problem. no time mark to tell you last update’ waste of money

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