Occupy Pittsburgh Protestors Mark Thanksgiving

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Averaging 60 hardy souls, this campsite remains dug in on the Mellon Green.

In some ways the protesters of Occupy Pittsburgh and the pilgrim fathers of that first Thanksgiving 390 years ago are not so very different. Certainly, they share a freedom of expression.

“They came for religious freedom – and for economic freedom because they were repressed basically,” Philip Bittenbender said.

Bittenbender, a medical librarian from Point Breeze, was showing his mom where he’s camped out to make a point.

“A new beginning, a transforming, is what I think is going on here,” he said.

It’s a mixed crowd of veterans, the homeless, students and others.

“A lot of us are college educated – most of us are employed.”

Sympathizers from all over the city and suburbs have been dropping by here all day with an endless stream of donations.

The utility workers union stocked the kitchen this Thanksgiving.

And the Moreno family from Upper St. Clair brought mac & cheese, and lasagna. Their son is with Occupy Portland.

“I just can’t believe how we can bail out the world and we can’t bail out our own people,” Vennie Moreno said.

A family from the West End brought plates from their own table.

“Grateful to have our food but to share it with other people as well,” Toni Jessie said.

Marcia and Stan Landy of Squirrel Hill donated a warm jacket and oatmeal raisin cookies.

“I’m very sympathetic to the people here who feel they haven’t gotten a fair share,” Marcia said.

Jimmy Blue Thunder, a Lenape, brought a Native American blessing to the gathering. There are new battles to fight since that first Thanksgiving.

“I’m against the fact that these big corporations that we stand in the midst of control our government, our healthcare, our food,” he said.

And there’s Samey Lee, a 19-year-old Point Park University student who simply believes.

“I’ve kind of found a calling to participate with, I guess, changing the world,” he said.

It’s food for thought this Thanksgiving Day.


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One Comment

  1. The Truth says:

    If you think our forefathers and these clowns should be mentioned in the same breath, leave this country immediately.

    1. Jay says:

      Better yet, why don’t you leave.

    2. Jman says:

      Sure, as giant coporations rape and pillage the middle class, just go along like a sheeple like you. Moron.

      1. Real man says:

        Sure, as Large Government rape and pillage the middle class just go along like a commie like you .
        Bigger Moron .

  2. Bob says:

    Are you kidding me? Really? A bunch of “dope smoking, I don’t want to get a job so I will ‘protest’ from this tent” dirtballs are the same as the forefathers? This article actually made me want to puke up the massive amount of turkey I consumed today. The turkey I paid for by WORKING everyday for 30 years. Mary Robb, lost all respect for you.

    1. wait for the truth says:

      Most of the protesting don’t smoke anything. The ones I saw actually had jobs till big names bought out and laid off.

  3. Cal Worthington says:

    Marty should go live among them like he did for his Emmy winning report about the G20 Anarchists

  4. Tony bo says:

    Maybe the freeloaders will starve…..

  5. Tony bo says:

    This was a totally worthless piece…I won’t even call it news.


  6. Vince says:

    Nice job Mary Robb! Thanks for more of the same socialist trash reporting that makes Pittsburgh famous!

  7. Kathleen says:

    Many didn’t read the article,and are spewing negatives, about drugs, the unwashed, most of the people , have jobs or are students, They are making a sacrifice for YOU and your grandchildren. Or have you been living in a cave and don’t understand the precarious state of our country, the good ole corrupt U.S.A.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    1. Jman says:

      Kathleen, most of the negative comments are from extreme Tea Baggers who just want to hate.

      1. Mayor of GBD says:

        Your are NOT 99%.. You don NOT represent ME or all of my friends. We are not the elete, but all went to school, worked hard to get the salary and benfits we earn.

        Get off your ass, quit whining and try harder and you’ll get ahead.

      2. Cal says:

        All the teabaggers went to Central Catholic

  8. Jeff says:

    You people that are against this Occupy Movement, must be so stacked with money!!! So you are telling me that people should have 4 or 5 jobs, but still live pay check to pay check and die miserable???? What do you think our Country should do? Do we just patiently wait for us to go back to slavery and then do something about? Why do people defend greed????? Are you that soulless? I know good people that have 2 to 3 jobs and they are still struggling! Our Government and Corporations will always make it a constant struggle for us! Open your freaking eyes already!

    1. Your Favorite Wine says:

      Jeff’s favorite WINE, you people are all unfair to me.
      The AFL-CIO is looking for you Jeff and Gman their # is 412-471-0285.
      Help support your Large Government and get a job and pay taxes.
      They pay 457.60 a week union wage LOL, is that it I though that was a union job, just think after taxes and union due you can bring in 343.10.

      1. snail trail says:

        Tea baggers are being paid by the elite to undermine the movement.

  9. gman says:

    They may not have a lot of money Jeff. They just enjoy living under corporate rule. The supreme court has declared that corporations are people. If so,can we execute one?

  10. Vince says:

    I see CBS Pittsburgh has removed the comments that don’t fit in with their agenda. Typical censorship from the left. This is how your liberty will die.The Occupy people need to wake up and realize that they are being used. You want socialism, revolution , and anarchy? If you think you are slaves now, you can’t imagine what’s coming.

    1. I agree Vince says:

      My comments are usually removed or redistributed, sounds like our government as of the last couple years.
      Just in case they do it again this post is to Vince’s comments of CBS’s removal and redistributing of comments.
      I also have been video tapping my comments and also when they are removed or redistributed and when the time is right I’m going to make sure they get seen by all as to how unfair these tactics are.

  11. Victor6 says:

    Giant Corporations rule the word. Get over it. Join or move to Mexico

  12. Yes You Are says:

    COMPLETE IDIOT/A$$HOLE, that’s just what you are G. W. Bush is no longer president a COMPLETE IDIOT/COMMUNIST is .
    He must be defeated in2012.
    Communist Government: A system and form of government that plans and controls the economy.
    All wealth and property is owned and distributed by the government and all citizens are socially equal.

    1. snail trail says:

      All citizens are equal? where do you live?


        In response to snail trail who asks( ALL CITIZENS ARE EQUAL? WHERE DO YOU LIVE )? Obama Land where you can do nothing and collect a pay from people who worked for it ..

  13. Chuck says:

    Wow communism alive and well in the USA.

  14. ? Not Sure You Get It says:

    Communist Government: A system and form of government that plans and controls the economy.
    All wealth and property are owned and distributed by the government and all citizens are socially equal.
    Spelled out short and sweet compared to your rambling on and failure to see whats about to come and face the truth.

  15. Old Dawg says:

    People…..People….People! Settle down. We haven’t had a President worth a bag of fertilizer in years. MANY years! The candidates they bring up every 4 years are not worth a hoot in hell, either. And let’s not even think about Congress now…..PHEW! So, how can you expect competent decisions from people I would not trust to muck out a horse stall!

    Take care of your own self and worry less about what someone else says. Charity begins at home. The news every night out of Washington is lousy. Can you yourself change it? Or with a bunch of people that like camping? Probably not. And if some of those folks ease the hurt in their head by living in a tent on the streets, LET THEM. It is their butt that is freezing at night, not yours. I would seek a more constructive, and appropriate way to voice concerns, but if reliving Woodstock does it for them, WHO CARES.

    C’mon folks, laugh a little. The holidays are coming. Did everyone forget what your mother taught you about “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Peace and good will folks. Life is too short to waste it on acting foolish. This government nightmare will be here longer than anyone of us wants. Focus down folks. Home first, then tackle concerns domestic or abroad. Merry Christmas Y’all.

  16. Clem says:

    Send em out to Occupy Deer Camp…..

  17. dr michael says:

    Get a frickin job, make something out of your miserable life

  18. Don't Worry Be Happy says:

    I agree people should stop complaining about those AFL-CIO protesters, if the unions want to pay them to protest let them, it’s not the real deal anyway they’re paid to be there.
    There is no denying almost 4 years of a democratic majority in both houses and still to this day in the senate, and not to mention Obama for 3 years and I might add smells worse than a bag of fertilizer.
    I will take care of my own self and have been worrying less about what someone else says my charity begins at home when I vote Obama out in 2012.

  19. Working since 12 years old. says:

    The OWS people are angry at the wrong entity. They shouldn’t be protesting banks and corporations, they should be protesting the regulations that the federal government has imposed upon private business over the past 50 years which has driven these companies to third world countries for the cheap labor.
    But the OWS movement isn’t really about jobs. It’s about socialism. Most of these people do not desire a job. They want to be taken care of by the federal government so that they may paint, sing, etc.
    I’m sure some of the people involved in the movement are genuinely concerned about getting a job, but not many.

  20. pumper says:

    lochheed Martin
    Pfizer Inc
    world bank
    Saudi Aramco
    Goldman Sachs Group Inc
    JP Morgan Chase & Co
    Fox News
    Rex 84
    Patriot Act

  21. CAROL says:

    Something has to be done. This was bound to happen sooner or later. We(the working poor-middle class). God Bless Occupy Pittsburgh! Keep it up. I work for corporate America and can barely make ends meet. Minus in my checking b4 payday. Since I didn’t have a college education.Should that be the way it is supposed to be. Make too much for housing help and don’t make enough to move away from my corporate “slum-lord”. Something should be done. But who has the answers. It is their right to propest. Maybe someone will listen. But like my father said “we were born poor and die poor.”working poor”

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