FARRELL (KDKA) — Police say they were called to a domestic dispute on Thanksgiving in Farrell with information that they could end up in a gunfight.

But the woman who called police, a nurse, says there was no need for it to have ended in a fatal shooting.

At a housing complex on Dream Boulevard in Farrell, there are seven visible bullet holes in parked cars – the result of what happened Thanksgiving afternoon when Talea Robinson called police because her fiancé, Danteau Napier, who has a criminal history including robbery, appeared agitated.

“It started with a call that I made about him coming here,” she said. “He was acting sort of agitated, but he – it wasn’t real serious.”

But it became serious once Napier and police came face to face.

“When the officers responded, they responded with information from the 911 caller that a 27-year-old male who was causing a disturbance was suffering from some mental issues and he was armed with a handgun and that he was intent on engaging the police in a gunfight,” State Police Trooper Ron Kesten said.

Robinson, though, says the fight was one-sided. She says Napier had his hands up.

“Whether they were under that impression or not, you saw no gun,” she said. “He reached for nothing. His hands were in the air, so what reason did you have to shoot?”

“There’s no way you can tell me that it’s okay – we thought you had a gun so with your hands in the air you’re going to magically [make a] gun appear while your hands are in the air? Was he going to pull it from the sky and shoot them?” she continued.

Two officers from the Southwest Mercer County police department remain on administrative leave while the case is under investigation by the Pennsylvania State Police.

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