Boy, 14, Injured In Elizabeth Twp. Hunting Accident

ELIZABETH TOWNSHIP  (KDKA) – A teenage boy was injured in a hunting accident early Monday morning in Elizabeth Township.

According to officials, the incident happened in the woods near the intersection of Scenery Drive and Mill Hill Road around 6 a.m.

The 14-year-old boy was rushed to Children’s Hospital after accidentally being shot in the leg.

“He had the gun loaded. He was pulling it up on a rope. He was up in the tree stand. He was pulling the gun up on a rope. Whatever caused the gun to go off, I don’t know. That’s going to be investigated also,” Regis Denne with the Pennsylvania Game Commission said.

The boy was carried out of the woods by his father, who then called 911.

“The kid was holding together pretty well – he wasn’t crying – he was actually being really tough about it,” Elizabeth Township Police Officer David Machesney said.

“He did manage to miss all of the major arteries and bones and it seems like he’s going to make a full recovery,” Officer Machesney added.

Game officials said this type of accident doesn’t happen often, but it violates a major safety rule.

“One of the primary rules of gun safety and especially dealing with tree stands, you do not pull a loaded firearm into a tree stand. That’s one of the primary rules that you teach these kids in a hunter’s safety course,” Denne said.

Game officials are interviewing the victim and his father as part of their investigation. The commission says this was the worst accident today in southwestern Pennsylvania on the first day of firearms deer hunting season.

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One Comment

  1. Joe C***** says:

    Anews item about this appeared on another site. It said that the rifle discharged while the rifle was being handed up to the boy. Come On!! Chamber the round AFTER your settled in the tree stand!! Common sense guys!!

  2. jclo says:

    This is why I sit out opening day!!!!

  3. snail trail says:

    we should kill everything in the forests. shoot anything that moves. Huntiung season! nothing should be allowed to live. thats a sport!

  4. WOW says:

    WOW!! Hey maybe this will help I know it may take a while to sink in but lets try boys and girls!!!

    COMMON SENSE!!! The term should speak for itself. A Sense which SHOULD be common to everyone. Usually refers to any sort of logic that should be obvious to anyone.
    It is dangerous to play with sharp objects.

    Don’t touch the posionous snake.

    Don`t point gun at anything you don`t intend to shoot!!

    I mean seriously DADDY you should have removed the bolts from the rifle that way YOU ensure it`s “SAFE”

    1. stellablue says:

      If they call it COMMON sense why is it so rare?

  5. Rookie says:

    Idiot – shoulda stayed home, along with the rest of you wanna-be’s who have to prove your manly macho whatever. Just stay home. Save the deer!

  6. drats says:

    you have to be 16 to drive and this kid is allowed to shoot himself while hunting? Hunting?! seriously, shooting a deer with a gun? unreal you are still allowed to murder wildlife.

  7. Harley says:

    Yeah Daddy that’s the way to make your son a real man.

  8. oh my goodness! says:

    seriuosly.. give it a brake.. it was an accident.. and have you ever hit a deer. dam. there is enough of them out there. they need to shoot them for the love of god.. and i think 14 is old enough. grow up. it wasnt his “daddys” fault”..

    1. time to grow up says:

      They need to shoot them? seriously? or what will happen? Nature might take its course and kids wont get shot?

      1. ignorant people says:

        If your against hunting, dont comment. You have no idea what huntings about. He shouldn’t have had it loaded, but it was an accident. Everyone always wants to start drama…

  9. WOW says:

    HEY oh my goodness!

    Are you for real?? Tell me something, you are probably that person who thinks its an accident if you look down the barrel of a gun and pull the trigger to see if its loaded thus shooting yourself HUH!! NOT AN ACCIDENT!! ITS PPPUUURRREEE STUPIDITY!! Maybe if you knew anything but the safe handling of firearms or hunting then you wouldnt feel the way you do!!!!

  10. Helen says:

    this is what boys do, they grow up better men. it keeps them off the streets and out of trouble with gangs etc. GOSH, accidents happen. my son did take a hunting class, and passed with flying colors, teach them the rules and let’em hunt…..

  11. cheyenne001 says:

    Your Gonna Shoot Your Eye Out Kid,, by the way WOW, you dont pull the trigger,,,,you squeeze the trigger !!!!!

  12. WOW says:

    hey thanks for the lesson, im of course the stupid one here!!!

  13. Mayor of GBD says:

    FYI – in Allegheny County, rifles are illegal to hunt with. He was using a shotgun with slug.Also, the j=kids had to take a hunter’s safety course to get a license. They ALL teach you to NEVER climb a tree, cross a fence or hand a loaded gun to another.

  14. Big Daddy Kahuna says:

    No sympathy here. Darwinism at its best …….

  15. Jim Berinti says:

    I see the anti-gun, hunting gurus are out in full force…don’t comment on
    something you know nothing about. If this boy took a hunter-safety course,
    which he is required to do, this should not have happened…wonder if his
    father attended with him? All hunters should take heed and apply some
    thought to what is safe, thus less incidents like this…hope this boy recovers
    and learns a valuable lesson, his father too !!

  16. Lisa says:

    Hey, he’s a boy–his gun prematurely went off on himself. It happens!

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