Pit Bull’s Owner Sought After Child Attacked

HERMINIE (KDKA) – A little boy in Herminie was recently attacked by a pit bull.

Now, a local group is working to find the dog’s owner.

“My husband was trying to get it off of him and he couldn’t get it off of him. So, he busted him in the head with a rock a couple of times and the dog finally let go,” Jennifer Stoll said.

Hayden Stoll is only 5-years-old and he has already had to endure so much in his young life.His father and grandfather pulled a pit bull off of him in front of his house in Herminie.

The dog’s jaws were clamped tightly around the boy’s face.

Locating the dog’s owner has been difficult because the dog had no identification or tags.

A group called Hello Bully wants to help locate the owner.

“Well our heart goes out to this child. Because of this incident it’s forever changed this child’s life and it was all due to irresponsible ownership,” Nicole Meloy said.

Meloy is on the board of directors for Hello Bully. She owns three pit bulls and said the organization is determined to find the owner of the dog.

“We are offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to the prosecution of the owner of this dog,” Meloy said.

Hello Bully, the Animal Rescue League, the Western Pa. Area Humane Society and Animal Friends have partnered together to offer the $1,000 reward.

Initially, doctors thought Hayden would lose all muscle control in his face. Luckily, that will not happen now.

However, his father said he will have to undergo various surgeries for the next 15 years of his life.

Anyone with information is asked to call Animal Control in Sutersville at (724)-872-7797.


5-Year-Old Mauled By Pit Bull Returns Home
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One Comment

  1. bruceUSA says:

    I’ve been doing a thing on Craigslist about little Hayden. I really think the people in that Herminie area know who the owner is. Somehow the word “YELLOW” comes to mind. By the way, I was informed that this particular breed of pitbull is called “bluenose” and are expensive to buy. In any case the owner needs to step up and take responsibility for his dog’s actions now!!! Any vicious animal ain’t to “darling” when you can’t pull them off a 5 yr. old’s face!

  2. Al says:

    Please put the dog on a leash. Walk him around the neighborhood. He will most likely try to stop at the home or car of the owner. About two hours of work.

  3. missy says:

    a lot of good people own pitbulls.its stupid, racist, irresponsible people like you that should NOT own these wonderful breeds.

    1. bruceUSA says:

      Missy please understand I don’t want to see any animal banned or outlawed. But owners need to be responsible for they’re animals behavior at all times. A concerned community will give government the right to ban or outlaw these animals if these kind of attacks keep happening —- like it or not!
      And Al ,that’s an excellent idea about putting the dog on the prowl for it’s owner. Sniff his/her “yellow” butt out!!!

  4. Chrissy says:

    Owners need to be held 100% responsible for their animals actions. I own pit bulls and i have NEVER had any of mine “escape” from my home. I have gates keeping them away from the doors so they can’t make a dash for it when the doors are opened. I have a 6ft fence and they are never outside alone. Any dog that is human aggressive should not be tolerated (of any breed)! It is people like this owner that makes all pit bulls look bad. It makes me so angry because a child got hurt because some owner was to stupid to deal with his animal is the proper way.

  5. D. says:

    The extent to which Pit Bull apologists go to defend this neighborhood menace is beyond comprehension.

    They’re always “great with kids”…”sweet”…and “wouldn’t harm a fly”…

    Until they disfigure the 5-year-old next door. Or the own children of the pit bull apologist.

    Honestly, folks…do you think that overweight “blue bully” was a fighter? Heck no. It was well fed…paid for handsomely by a local owner…and no worse treated than any other dog in the neighborhood.

    It attacked and maimed because that’s what they do.

    The whole “Pit Bull” issue is so stupid…I can’t believe it exists into 2012.

    Just like we look now…back to the 1800s and early 1900s when women weren’t allowed to vote. It seems ridiculous…stupid…not allowing 50% of your adult population to participate in the democracy of the nation?

    50-100 years from now, it’ll be the same thing. People will look back at the thousands of children and elderly crippled, maimed, and killed by pit bulls…and say, “they let people HAVE those”? Really? So stupid!

    People as a whole have shown throughout history that they aren’t particularly bright.

    Pit Bull apologists are several rungs lower than the aforementioned dummies.

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