Horse Meat May Soon Be Available In The U.S.

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — With Congress quietly lifting a ban on the slaughter of horses, it means that horse meat may soon be available for purchase in the United States.

However, the outcry against lifting the ban is growing.  One of the leading opponents is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA. 

PETA’s Ashley Byrne joins Mike Pintek to discuss why she feels that slaughtering horses is inhumane, and why we treat horses differently than cows, pigs, and other animals that are routinely slaughtered domestically for meat.

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One Comment

  1. jose says:

    maybe now Taco Bell will have more than 36% meat in it’s tacos…

  2. Daniel Smoyer says:

    How is horse meat different from cow, pork, or any other animal. Mr Ed is comming to dinner.

    1. James says:

      Are you refering to taste, DNA composition, color, morality, smell…? Because yes it is different. Have you ever heard of biology? dahhh whats the difference between a banana and an apple mommy? Mr ed is coming to dinner daddy, – its ok son, dont let the kids pick on you at school, you just tell them you’re special.

      1. JP Gibb says:

        Wow, way to miss Daniel’s point. All things being equal (the animal is raised to be food, etc.) a horse is a pig is a cow.

        Pass the BBQ sauce.

  3. BJ says:

    Wonder if the meat will be certified Halal approved???

  4. Rick Springfield says:

    i doubt anyone will eat horse so the point is probably moot

  5. Newt Gingrich says:

    Kentucky Derby winner prime cuts and chops are delicious!

  6. Alicia says:

    The reason eating horsemeat is bad is because it is going to cost us tax payers $5 million to fund the USDA (which just had huge budget cuts) to inspect meat that is most likely tainted, because most horses (i know mine personally have had this) have had Bute (painkiller/inflammatory) which contains chemicals that are not to be used in animals for human consumption, not to mention the other meds and drugs our domestic PET horses get. However, the FDA hasn’t done any studies but the EU bans horses being slaughtered that have ever had Bute. Therefore we are funding tainted meat to be inspected, The meat will not be for our market, it will go to Europe and Japan, and both their markets are down 12% for horse meat demand. This is not a money making business for most that it will poorly effect, nor will it solve any issues because of the pro-slaughter legislators and ranchers that are planning to harvest their own stock which will be in 6 years because that is when a horse has the best meat production. A horse will cost more than what its meat will sell. Its pointless to treat it like cattle, unless they plan to harvest the Mustangs, which in that case goodbye to our Wild West Icon. Approx. 40,000 are in holding pens now. This is a vicious cycle that should be stopped and not allowed in this country. It is more inhumane that slaughtering cattle because of the build of a horse. The methods used are difficult to use in a horse because of where their brain is located and how it is practically impossible to get a one shot kill. Usually they have to take 3-4 shots maybe even more before the horse is unconscious but for a horse they may only be so for 30 seconds therefore they are awake the whole time during the bleed out process and the sawing off of their hooves and some of the cutting. This doesn’t even go over the horrible transportation methods and the abuse at the auctions, etc. The environmental impact a slaughter house has on the towns it occupies is negative with a drop in the local housing markets and loss of business. It’s been reported that the slaughter house in Kauffman, TX had residents complaining because they had horse blood and tissue in their water. Gross?

    1. Confuscious says:

      Never put a gift horse in the mouth. No matter how delicious.

    2. Quip Petrosky says:


    3. Billly says:

      Thanks for your research… What is your plan of action?

      1. Alicia says:

        My first plan of action to call our Senators and State Reps. and ask them to Cosponsor and vote for the bills S.1176 for the Senate and HR. 2966 for the House/State Reps. Then most of us are coming up with great ideas to help get the population back in check. It’s basic economics 101, when the demand for something decreases then the supply should decrease as well. It’s simple supply and demand that the breeders aren’t adhering to because of their incentives to breed 100 horses and keep 2 and sell the rest to either individuals or slaughter houses, not only incentives from Registries like the AQHA but they get tax benefits too. It’s disgusting we are lining their pockets when they can’t even abide by the economy and demand. They are pushing slaughter to benefit themselves, and not the actual overpopulation of the horses in the country, if anything they add to it. If people don’t think that this doesn’t apply to them because they aren’t horsie people, they are mistaken. It is their taxes, just like us horsie people’s taxes, that are funding them and slaughter. The next plan of action is to out the PMU industry and their evils, they also need slaughter to function/those of us that by their by-product. The PMU industry is commonly known as Premarin and/or Prempro. The drug(s) are made from Pregnant Mare Urine, and they stand for 11 months (the whole pregnancy) strapped to a contraption that collects their urine. Then they are re-bred as soon as the foal is born. This is abuse and shouldn’t be allowed because there are alternative drugs that do better (and don’t have a connection to causing breast cancer). While these are being worked on we want to implement clinics to help people who may need to put a horse down or needs to get one castrated (gelded) and even put together food drive sort of things to help people feed their horse. Most people do not want to sell their horse and are forced to because of the economy, and some people are just ignorant and need educated. It takes a group of people to stand up for the right thing and that’s what we are doing.

  7. L. Mc says:

    There are many reasons why this is ttally wrong. Horses have a flight instinct that makes them hard to stun before the slaughtering process begins. Many are still conscious, there is the reaon of their meat containing drugs that is not ft for human consumption, & the environmental problems of disposing of the waste. Ever wonder why we don’t even want it in our dog food?

  8. Michelle Howes-Stein says:

    I agree with Alicia 100%!!!!! What next?! Horses have HELPED man from the very beginning. They have carried us on their backs, they have got into battle with us. They continue to help us till this very day!! The many chemicals used on/in horses do remain in their system. FACT. And now they even mention using it in lunches at schools, etc….Sure glad I don’t have kids!! OH, and the whole idea that “this time” it’ll be regulated. I think that we’ve proved enough times already that anything we create will eventually get corrupt, so don’t trust that either. Shame on the government.

    1. Alicia says:

      There is no way our USDA can stretch the funds to check every horse slaughtered. Awhile ago they tested Racehorses that just came off the track and 100% of them had one or more drugs that were not to be used in animals for human consumption. By the way the average time between their last race and being slaughter can be as few as 7-10 days. That makes the argument of 6 months invalid and probably never used. They want to feed this to our children at school.

  9. nancy mcmillan says:

    No Way would I eat horsemeat. Especially not horses originating in the US.. US horses are not raised to be meat animals. They are commonly given all sorts of supplements, wormers, fly sprays, medicines etc that have not been tested for use on meat animals. They are also commonly given a prescribed pain reliever called “bute” that has been banned for use in food animals by the FDA. Even the dog food companies stopped using horse byproducts when the dogs started developing “unwanted consequences”. By the way, these consequences included death.
    In addition, horse slaughter cannot be conducted humanely. 5 short years ago, it WAS in the US and it was a massive FAIL. If you want to see how bad it was, go to for 902 pages of facts on exactly what went down. It isnt pretty. It wont be again.
    The bottom line is that slaughter is not conducted for any altruistic reason. It will not fix the economy, It will hot create millions of jobs- in fact it has been proven that live horses generate BILLIONS (yes, that is with a B) of dollars for the economy. LIve horses contribute nothing but pollution, tainted meat and increased crime. Want to learn more? Google “when horse slaughter comes to town”.

    1. nancy mcmillan says:

      edited to add, Dead horses contribute nothing…(Live ones are good!)

      1. David Fist says:

        Not all live horses are good for the economy either, Nancy. For example, the horse that sold me a subprime mortgage.

      2. nancy mcmillan says:

        Oh. You must be talking about Angelo Mozilo. He is a horse’s a$$

      3. Tom Cruze says:

        there’s a horse in Tijuana that is essential to the economy there. I recommend that show if you have the means.

  10. Bruce Krause says:

    I love those prairie oysters!!!! YUM!

  11. Bigandsmall says:

    Horsemeat IS different because horses are not raised to be food. The most common chemicals that are given to horses are potentially toxic to humans.

    Wanna eat those “Kentucky Derby winner prime cuts “? Better take out an insurance policy. A recent study of thoroughbreds that were tested in the kill lots had 100% of the medications that should not be given to animals intended for food.

  12. Chuck Heston says:

    How about a nice bowl of soylent green instead??

  13. Trigger says:


    1. horsey says:

      my momma was a horse so der

  14. Buttermilk says:

    SAY WHAT???

  15. Mongo says:

    Straight from the horse’s mouth to my ears and now my lips and tummy.

  16. Oprah says:

    I’m so hungry I could eat a horse, and now it seems I can.

    1. Big Mama says:

      You go girl!

  17. Wilbur says:

    A horse is a horse, of course, of course, but nobody orders four course of horse, unless that horse, four course of horse, is the famouse Mister Ed!!

  18. Toledo Window Box says:

    did you hear the one about the horse who walked into the bar?
    the horse says “enjoy your lunch”!

  19. Ahem! says:

    Next time someone says to you “my throat feels a little horse” they may actually feel as healthy as a horse and wearing a bib.

  20. John Cleese says:

    YOU KIDS QUIT HORSING AROUND NOW AND GET IN HERE AND EAT YOUR HORSE! or you will get no dessert. I believe we are having ram’s spleen parfait.

  21. America says:

    You know I bit into a dessert made of horse with no name.
    It tastes good, but they were out of the reins.

    1. Big & Rich says:

      Save a horse! Eat a cowboy!

  22. Chef Ramsey says:

    Remember the days when “HORSE OF THE YEAR” was not a culinary reference?

  23. Johanna says:

    I like pizza pie. I like macaroni. But what i love is my first pony.

  24. Mass N Gill says:

    I’ve eaten horseradish for years.

  25. Rolling Stones says:

    Wild horses…………Coming right to my plate…….Wild horses………Gonna feed me this date

    1. Chef Tell says:

      What’s the difference between a a good draft horse and a good draught horse?

      about 10 minutes on the grill

  26. French Frog says:

    Don’t put the ala carte before the horse

  27. Mother Lode says:

    Did you hear they are bringing back the TV western Bonanza. Only this time instead of riding horses on the range the Cartwrights cook them over one…at… you guessed it…. Bonanza!!

  28. slow down, you eat too fast says:

    The old saying “hold your horses” will be replaced by “hold the onions” in 5 years.

  29. Ted Theodore Logan says:

    Welcome to Bill & Ted’s Excellent Steakhouse. Today’s special is Wyld Stallyns with San Dimas stuffed potato skins and carrot.

  30. Billy says:

    No desert until you eat all of your horse. – hey why the long face?

  31. steve says:

    I bet all of us have already eaten horsemeat and dont even know.

  32. cheyenne001 says:

    Stop Horsing Around You Horse’s Ass

  33. cheyenne001 says:

    A Horse Is A Horse of Course of Course Unless It’s on the Table then It’s Dinner Of Course Of Course

  34. kristy says:

    as a vegtarian, i believe eating any type of animal is disgusting.

  35. Burghnerdman says:

    Horse meat is primarely muscle and bone. Why would you raise a horse for five years, and then kill it? Let’s not become another nation like that of the Middle East nations. Cattle, Pig, Goat, Lamb, Chicken, Gator, what next? Horse? Come on people, get real!

  36. Wendy Slafka says:

    Some of your comments above show how immature and ridiculous you have all made this thread. If you knew how horses were slaughtered and what happens, maybe you would not all be so glib. This thread is disgusting. Grow up all and study the subject instead of making inane comments. See what good people are trying to do to stop this nonsense. I cannot believe they would lift this ban and I am outraged.

    1. kristy says:

      how horses are slaughtered is no different than what’s done to pigs, chickens, and cows. why is eating horse meat any more reprehensible than eating pork, fowl, and beef?

  37. Buttermilk says:

    WHOA! The Duke is spinning in his grave. As is the Lone Ranger, Tonto and Roy Rogers.

  38. Wayner says:

    Let’s all consider this logically like MR SPOCK! Now The good ole US of A can contribute with the rest of the world population, another of God’s creation’s to be slaughtered to EXTINCTION like the other wide variety of animal’s on this Earth! The reason they no longer exist is because of YINZ that feel that way about eating horses, equate to the WAYNER as Z worst world animal to populate the Earth since the day’s of ALPHA!! The rest of yinz are intelligent folk to me, & I would hang with you normal folk ANYDAY!
    P.S. I’ll stick to riding a nice horse on a nice Summer day anytime, maybe with a cool lovely gal riding along with thee!

    1. Anthony Moore says:

      Did you look up the correct spelling on “yinz” in the dictionary?

  39. Wayner Palke says:

    Heeey Tooony! quite possibly ya came here to Z BURG from another state, that Z Wayner could fathom, but to put Z Wayner down fer speaking in Pittsburgh-ese so YINZ COLLEGE bred too correct in yer pronounciation, and way-way too serious in life fer Wayner’s sophisticated tastes! Wayner suggest’s ya open up yer first chain of HORSE-MEAT fast food restaurant’s in Z BURG & give away YOGA PANTs from Victoria’s Secret in Monroeville mall, 4 buying yer puke em up stuff, when Wayner could give ya a super deal on some over-sized fresh from Z Allegheny River > RAT’s!! Make make cwoirtain that YOU and YINZ staff don’t get beat up on yer opening DAY!!
    Happy Holiday’s to YINZ !! & YER Family!
    Anthony Moore
    from Wayner Palke

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