Lockdown Lifted At Saint Vincent College

LATROBE (KDKA) — Saint Vincent College in Latrobe was temporarily locked down this evening.

A student reported seeing a man with a gun near one of the residence halls late this afternoon.

As a precaution, the campus went under lockdown while officials waited for state police.

State police responded and could not find anyone. Since the campus is surrounded by woods, it’s believed a hunter may have gotten too close to the campus.

The lockdown has since been lifted and everything has returned to normal.

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One Comment

  1. Tom Devereaux says:

    As a student at Saint Vincent College, this situation was handled extremely poorly in regards to the safety of the students. A simple text message was sent to students who subscribe to our campus alert system, stating that campus was on lock down and to not leave the building you are in, stay away from windows, etc. Of course, this caused an eruption of rumors to start on Facebook and Twitter. A few minutes later, another text was sent, saying that the lock down has been lifted and there will be increased security.

    No information was given as to why there was a lock down. We students should not be forced to look on news websites, television, or social networking sites to determine what is happening on the grounds where we live and call home.

    I am extremely disappointed with how Saint Vincent College handled this situation, and in case of a REAL emergency, I now have no faith that my College will keep me informed and safe.

  2. Stephen says:

    I think you’re over reacting to the way it was handled… they can’t fit that much information in a text. What did you expect them to do, run around with a megaphone shouting about it. You sir are being ridiculous.

    1. Tom Devereaux says:

      No, but we have a campus email, a campus website, a campus portal.. any of which could have been used to further detail the situation. I’m sorry for caring about the safety of me and my fellow Bearcats.

      1. Stephen says:

        Maybe they were busy solving the problem instead of wasting time drafting up an explanation… you did say it was resolved in a few minutes…

      2. Emily says:

        Speaking as a student at Saint Vincent College, I always have and always will feel safe at the College. I disagree with everything that you originally stated.

      3. SVC Student says:

        I am also a student at SVC and i was there during the event. I never really felt like i was in danger because these situations are often overly exaggerated. I agree that they can’t give you much info via txt or email, but the txt thing was not sufficient enough to alert students. We were in class and luckily one of the other students received the txt alerting us of the lockdown but almost all the students and the instructor wasn’t aware of the situation. If we are in class, we are not continually checking our txts or emails for alerts like that. There should be some other way to alert students and at the very least the staff regarding those types of situations.

    2. Paul says:

      One again… More problems caused by hunters. If they arent shooting kids and dogs, or scarrinfg deer in the street, they are shutting down an entire campus.

  3. SVC Student says:

    No, he’s not. An hour and a half later, we still do not have anything sent from the school via e-mail or our Portal system. A simple “lockdown is lifted” is not comforting and we should know what we are supposed to be looking for. The real story is slowly coming out anyway – they are going to have to tell us the full thing soon.

  4. Tom Devereaux says:

    I never personally felt threatened. Anyone is allowed(and is going to) to disagree with me, but for them to bother to tell us there is emergency and then basically say “it’s cool.” without any explanation(as of yet) is absurd.

  5. Tom says:

    We do have multiple ways of contact. Just being told lockdown is lifted let everything go back to normal doens’t help when you don’t even know what the original problem was.

  6. RC says:

    The whole situation is a huge problem. Personally, I agree with Tom from above. While they did inform us of the lock down by stating “A serious emergency has developed on the campus. All personnel are to lock down in their present location, stay indoors, away from win” the message was not complete in the text message provided by the e2campus. I would feel a lot more safe if they provided us an email along with the text message like they used to do. Also upon lifting the lock down, they state “Preliminary investigation has been complete and lockdown is cancelled. Enhanced security will be in place to ensure safety. for assistance, c” Again not completing the message.

    Both of these would have been much more informative if they stated the above messages in text message form AND in email form. In response to what Stephen said above in regards to drafting up an explanation, if they have the program to send the message to our phones, they can also have the program send it to our emails to ensure we know what is going on and how to stay safe.

    My final point is that an after situation explanation of the situation would be nice. Before reading this news post, I had heard hundreds of rumors about what was happening on campus. One rumor was also ridiculously absurd in stating “a rabid deer came onto campus and a hunter attempted to kill it before it caused harm to any one in the area. Unfortunately he missed and shot a student. After realizing what he had done, he took the injured student to the roof of the Basilica and proceeded to engage in satanic worshiping. God then had smitten the hunter in rage.” As you can see, an explanation for the lock down would be handy in trying to see through the myths.

    1. SVC Student says:

      RC i agree with everything you stated above except for the example of one of the rumors you heard. If you honestly believed the example you gave then your a freaking idiot!!

      1. RC says:

        SVC Student please reread. I stated “ridiculously absurd” in terms of my example rumor. I do not believe this I was just using it as an example of how stupid the rumors flying around are.

  7. Anonymous says:

    A hunter story? From the way it sounded, definitely seemed more serious…I don’t know what to actually believe.

  8. 2059 says:

    It was probably a HUNTER, shut up, quit your whining and go to class.

  9. A says:

    A hunter shouldn’t have been anywhere near the residents halls. There are no hunting lands that close to campus for anyone to be able to see a hunter with a gun.

  10. Mayor of GBD says:

    BS – you can hunt 150 yards from the buildings. What if it was a STUDENT who was hunting and just returning to his dorm with his gun? They do have a right to arm themselves you know?

  11. Mike says:

    Fyi, firearms aren’t permitted on campus whether you’re a hunter or not. So, it shouldn’t have been a student.

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