Finding The Perfect Yinzer Christmas Gift

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — If you’re having trouble figuring out what to gifts to buy people this holiday season, Pittsburgh Magazine Columnist Virginia Montanez has some great ideas for anyone who loves the ‘Burgh.

She found “Yoi to the World” cards featuring the late Myron Cope as well as an illustrated guide to Pittsburghese that explains Gumband by using it in this sentence: “I tied by mullet back with a gumband just your you, baby!”

The complete guide and how to buy the items is on the magazine’s website.

And she has even more items on her blog, That’s Church.

Those items are available at Wildcard in Lawrenceville, including a Pittsburgh Zombie Outbreak map and t-shirts and cards celebrating the city with a sense of humor.

Happy Shopping n’at!

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  • Mayor of GBD

    In light of the Penn State Child Molestation accusations, and Franco’s over the top support of the institution and JoePA, it is completely inapropriate to have the photo of Franco with the Baby Jesus in has hands, simulating the Immaculate Reception. Actually, it’s borderline just to mix the two “immaculate” events. Please remove the photo from your home page.

    • Joe&Mary

      I actually think it’s funny and pathetic. Christianity is based on a myth (there’s 38,000 versions of it) and Xmas has pagan orgins anyway. Thousands of years of silly befilef systems has really not helpled man. It has only caused wars and delayed scientific and technological development. Sheeple are stupid and I’m sure they’ll get all mad about this. Hopefully he can carry Jesus over the goal line to beat the Raiders in a playoff again someday.

  • Cheryl

    The Penn State Child Molestation accusations have nothing to do with Franco Harris.

    • Two Hundred People

      If Mr. Harris is supporting a person who is known for putting his prestige and power before the safety of a child, he does have something to do with promoting child abuse by proxy.

  • Cheryl

    No, I am not a Penn State alum. I just believe differently from you. That is ok. Just my opinion. I respect your right to your beliefs. Just don’t agree with them. Also don’t wear eyeshadow, especially blue.

  • Two Hundred People

    I think yinz should ask Sen. Jimmy Brewster why he and agent William Foley haven’t paid back the victims of the Crawford Village rent fraud scheme in McKeesport. In my opinion you can’t suppress evidence, fudge numbers and re-arrange a persons work history to promote yourself.

    • Mayor of GBD

      them folks at Crawford Village would just spend it on crack or 40’s, so what’s the fuss. Besides, you actually think Jim has the money? You’re on crack too!

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