KDKA-AM Reporter Strikes Deer Outside Studio

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — KDKA-AM street reporter Adam Kirk was literally outside of the KDKA studio building when a large deer jumped out in front of his car. While Adam was slightly bruised and his car damaged, the 8-point buck he hit didn’t fair as well.

“All I saw was a brown flash in front of me,” Kirk said. “The deer must have darted out and jumped into the road simultaneously as I was driving there.”

While it was an unfortunate situation, it did bring up the question of what you should do if you hit a deer, if you can claim it, and what you can do with it once it’s yours.

KDKA AM’s Larry Richert and John Shumway talk to Adam Kirk about the incident, as well as Russell Hoffman, a deputy wildlife conservation officer, and Kip Padgelek of Kip’s Processing of Carnegie, about what is the proper way to claim and process a deer hit by your car.

The deer was sent to Kip’s Meat Processing in Carnegie and Kirk will be allowed to keep the meat.

“But you have 24 hours to call the game commission, report it,” PA Game Commission Officer Gary Fujak said. “If you want to keep the deer, we’ll give you a permit number for it and we’ll let you have it rather than the meat go to waste. It won’t cost you a cent.”

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One Comment

  1. Billy says:

    You can thank the hunters that spooked them out of the woods. Hunters hate the natural environment, you see they just want to shoot all living things. It has a lot do do with their up bringing. They didnt get the proper attention from their mothers growing up, and they sucked there thumbs til the 7th grade. I kind of feel bad for them, but i feel for the living things that cross the hunters path more.

    1. Youmakemesick says:

      Really Billy you have no knowledge of your background of life. Do you really think walmart has always been there for your meat?? NOT You have never had the proper attention from your Dad or maybe your from a broken Family!!! I have hunted well before the 7th grade and my kids will also. You can teach your kids to run the streets mine will not only know how to provide from stores but also from Nature!

      1. Billy says:

        Its ok buddy/// 80% of guys hunt because they have p3nis envy. they like the alone time with guys and their guns. the rest are disendents of hitler…

      2. James says:

        As long as you dont teach your childeren to write as poorly as you, they should make it in this world ok.

    2. lgm says:

      There’s a big difference between those who hunt and those who kill. My Dad is a hunter in every true sense of the word. He wakes at 4 am to walk 5-6 miles into the woods, alone. He enjoys the sportsmanship, and the time to be alone with nature. How can you possibly say that all hunters “hate the natural environment”? My Dad loves that! That’s why he hunts, not for the thrill of killing stuff. Do you even understand how necessary things like hunting season are? Actually after driving for 4 hours to spend the week in a 1 room camp with no indoor plumbing (to be close to nature!), and walking for over 2 hours to get to the perfect spot, to hunting in the rain for 3 days, doing things the way the are meant to be done, do you know when my Dad got a deer? No, it wasn’t in the woods, it was with his car on the way home! Guess inyour eyes, that means that anyone driving a car hates nature too, huh?

    3. showsyourignorancebilly says:

      Its ok Billy, lets hope you never have to cross paths with an animal of this size. For it would be a shame to the DEER if it were to get hurt or killed by your vehicle and not some deserving sportsman. And if you were to hit a deer, I hope it does severe damage to your vehicle and gets up and runs off, as they often do. You then, will be cursing the same hunters for not harvesting that animal, because you are now out a $500+ deductable!! And Billy, is it at all posible that the deer was chasing a doe to mate? It is the mating season for PA whitetails. So quick to blame hunters…

      1. Billy says:

        People get in car accidents… Lets just kill em. Over population! The P3nis envy hunters apparently are wildlife preservationists now! Everyone grab your guns lets kill things so we dont have to pay a 500 dollar deductable!

      2. Mayor of GBD says:

        Please Billy, get in an accident…hopefully fatal!

  2. hatebill says:

    Really Billy?

  3. Bill is a tree hugger says:

    How about the countless deer that kill drivers every year in western PA? There’s an overabundance and we should be happy there are people out there blowing them away Billy.

  4. dave says:

    Hey billie get a life. with economy as it is you would be wise to take up lessons for survival.

  5. Billy says:

    now now.. just cause thats what your dad teaches…

  6. Marcus says:

    I am a hunter and I love the enviroment. You are clearly ignorant about hunters and the vital role that they play in wildlife management. Do you have any idea what would happen to deer populations without hunting? Go to a community that doesn’t allow hunting and ask them. Better yet talk to a wildlife biologist or someone that has real professional knowledge before making foolish comments.

    1. Billy says:

      Hunting does not reduce the deer population because removing some individuals from the population results in more food per deer, which leads to the births of more twins and triplets. This also means that hunting is unnecessary because the deer will self-regulate and give birth to fewer fawns when food is scarce.

  7. B says:

    HAHA, so your saying that the more a deer eats is a direct result in how many times an embryo splits? That’s hilarious! I could see you giving advice to a couple that’s having trouble having a kid. “Heck guys, just start eating more. If you eat a meal for two or three your could have twins or triplets!” If you would have just paid attention in biology class, you could have kept yourself from sounding like such an idiot.

  8. organic mama says:

    We eat oprganic… we go hunting… turkey, grouse, deer, bear, and fish, etc. We supplement our food budget with these fresh caught foods, and we are healthier for it. True hunters only shoot what they are allowed to shoot, and eat what they kill. Animals such as cats and wolves to name a couple will kill just to kill at times and not eat it. Billy, not hunting will not reduce the deer population and will encourage more coyotes to poulate the area which will in turn endanger your pets.

    1. James says:

      If you hunt doe maybe, but deer are not monogamous, and a single
      surviving male in a population of deer can impregnate all of the
      surviving females. Our current system of game management allows does to be killed mainly to leave enough forage to produce another year’s worth of “Trophy Bucks”. There must always be a yearly “surplus” of deer to satisfy the hunters who are essentially the paying customers of wildlife managers. This arrangement places the interests of the hunters above the goal of having a
      biologically ideal, diverse deer population.

  9. Edgar Sinner says:

    I’m from Berger and Green and this sounds like a job for us. We’re gonna somebody some money. Maybe even the deer family. Call us now @2626.

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