Body Found In Former Funeral Home

BEAVER FALLS (KDKA) — Police are investigating after they say a body was found inside a former funeral home in Beaver Falls.

Investigators say two women who bought the building at a sheriff’s sale found the body in a body bag in the embalming room.

Police aren’t sure how long the Leavell Funeral Home has been closed.

The coroner identifies the body as that of 53-year-old Roland Brown of Beaver Falls. He died in early September, and investigators do not suspect foul play.

A sign on the front of the building lists George Wise as the one-time director and supervisor. In a phone interview with KDKA, Wise describes it as an unfortunate situation.

Wise says he was waiting for a signature from Brown’s family before the body could be cremated. Brown’s family lives near Cleveland.

He also says he was surprised to find the home had been sold.

Beaver County District Attorney Anthony Berosh says the home is in deplorable condition.

Berosh says facilities with connections to Wise were also searched in Midland and Aliquippa, but nothing was found.

He says Wise does have a license to be a funeral director.

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One Comment

  1. Juice says:

    Isn’t that where a body is Supposed to be? News? I don’t think so

    1. pensfan87 says:

      Umm yeah that’s where the body is supposed to be but not 3 ½ months later in an abandoned funeral home…….typically the body gets cremated in less than a week after the death unless the deceased was involved in a crime. So yea this is news to people who have common sense…….there is something not right about this, how did the family not know because if someone gets cremated the family gets the remains of their loved one.
      and the fact that this guy didn’t even have a license to be a funeral director makes this even more important…….what is a guy who has no license to be a funeral director have a 3 ½ month old body in an abandoned funeral home???????
      look at this from the families point of view how would you feel if one of your loved ones passed away and you trusted this funeral home to take care of their body and cremate them and then return to you the remains to you, and this person pretty much is found out as an imposter and you have no clue where your loved one is, and then 3 ½ months later you find out that they are in a body bag in the basement of an abounded funeral home……just think about how you would feel and I’m guessing the reason they are posting this as news is to find out if anyone has any clue as to why the body was there and why this guy was operating this funeral home without a license………………….and what about the guy that got bit in the neck by some woman that stopped his car, seriously that’s news?????
      I can go through this site and find a lot of stories that shouldn’t be considered news but I’m sorry this is.

      1. USAMade says:

        Although I agree with you about being news
        Please reread the story

      2. Courtney Barry says:

        Re-read the story. He is licensed.

      3. pensfan87 says:

        My mistake

      4. EVILINC says:

        He IS licenced. You will also note that he was not permitted to cremate the body without the consent of the family. To do so would likely cost him his licence along with possible fines and a jail sentance.
        It is deplorable that the deceased’s family did not care enough about him to do what was right.

      5. Ann says:

        read the story again the last line of the story, he DOES have a license.

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