By Dr. Maria Simbra

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — For people with Medicare, December 7 is an important deadline. The annual Medicare open enrollment period ends.

“Over 500 individuals during this enrollment season in our office,” says William McKendree of Apprise of Western Pennsylvania of the high demand for help from senior clients. “This is the largest number of people we have counseled.”

Before, you had until the end of the calendar year, but that has changed. APPRISE of Western Pennsylvania has been getting bombarded with calls.

” ‘Help me figure out if the plan I have, the Medicare coverage I currently have, is the best coverage for me,’” McKendree says is the main questions people ask.

Some people have had their medications dropped from their plan or their doctor is no longer on their plan’s list.

If for these or other reasons you want to change or add private supplements to Medicare, you have until midnight, December 7.

“If they don’t want to enroll in any new products, they would simply normally roll over to the current products they have for the upcoming year,” he says.

Insurance companies will be open late Wednesday to help with enrollment. Also, APPRISE of Western Pennsylvania (412-661-1438) is open regular hours 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

You can also go to the Medicare website through to make any changes by the deadline. If you miss the deadline, you’ll have to wait until next fall to make any additions or changes.


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