Franco Harris Reinstated As Chairman Of Pittsburgh Promise Board

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Franco Harris is back in as chair of the Pittsburgh Promise.

His fellow board members reinstated him on Wednesday.

Harris voluntarily stepped down as chair after Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said he wasn’t suitable to represent any organization due to his vocal support of Joe Paterno after he was fired.

The board said Harris’ personal opinion shouldn’t negate the work he’s done for the Promise.

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  • Vic

    Mayor Luke has been given the Marty Griffin Award for being an idiot

  • Sage

    So, this was nothing more than the mayor being tough on allegations? How long was Franco out, three weeks? What was the point?

  • James

    His personal opinion may not be able to negate the work he is done but it sure negates my opinion of him.

  • Ugh

    Another has-been pain in the rear

  • Jefferson Davis

    Mayor Lukie needs to feel the business end of a Confederate punishment, slave style.

    • Dave

      You are a moron. When Harris made his comments in support of Paterno, who is connected to a horrendous situation, like it or not, people will equate what he said with whatever organization he is sponsoring. That’s human nature. I do not blame anyone for dismissing Harris, especially the Pittsburgh Promise, as it relates directly to kids. Even though Harris didn’t have anything to do with that debacle at Penn State, affiliating his name and comments with the situation can have a negative impact on the organization he is representing.

      • Tony

        I agree with you 100% Dave.

  • Mayor of GBD

    Silence is golden…note to Franco – STFU!

  • PGH Old Lady

    I agree with Mayor Ravenstahl’s criticism of Franco’s unrealistic support of Paterno. Franco’s comments following the firing of Paterno were insensitive to the alleged victims. We all know why Sandusky “retired” from Penn State football after the 1998 season, and we all know that Paterno had great input on that decision. Let’s not forget that Sandusky was in line to replace Paterno as head coach once he retired. I believe that Paterno could have kept Sandusky out of Penn State’s athletic facilities if he would have just spoken up. Paterno himself said, “I wish I had done more.” He said that because he knows he could have done a lot more! If Paterno is the most honest and decent person Franco knows, then I feel sorry for him. Loyalty is one thing, complete denial is another.
    I wonder how Franco would have reacted if any of the alleged victims would have been his son, or the son of any of his relatives or friends.

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