Jeff’s Updated Winter Forecast: Fewer Inches Of Snow Expected

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The overall theme and driving atmospheric influence for the next three months has not changed.

La Nina is still expected to play a role. KDKA-TV Chief Meteorologist Jeff Verszyla still expects frequent clippers with lake effect snowfall near normal in the favored areas.

However, a slight early season shift in some global weather features has prompted a few changes to his winter outlook.

Let’s start with temps. The most noticeable change comes this month. In Jeff’s initial forecast, December looked colder than average.

Jeff’s new and improved outlook has backed off the early season chill. Now, he believes December will be pretty close to normal with an extended arctic chill not setting up until late in the month.

Jeff’s prediction for January has not changed. It will still be the coldest and snowiest month of the season. Also, no changes are needed to February and March, with a forecast turn around to near normal temps and a decrease in the frequency and strength of the really cold air.

And the updated seasonal snowfall total may be to your liking with less snow expected than first forecast.

Jeff’s original outlook called for a November through March snow total of 48.3 inches. His updated prediction takes that total down by eight inches with a new forecast total of 40.3 inches by the end of March.

So, to highlight the notable changes, the most active period for an extended arctic outbreak has been pushed back until late December and expected to continue through all of January.

The overall season snowfall has been lowered and we will end the season will near normal seasonal totals.

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One Comment

  1. Heath Waszo says:

    What a waste of space this article is. The weathermen are lucky they predict this weeks forecast let alone the rest of the month along with months to come. Save space and money and flip a coin. Works just as well.

    1. 2059 says:

      Send jeff to cover the Steeler games, he knows about as much.

  2. Wayner says:

    Hiya Jeff Verzela, Wayner predicts for January a warmer month than in Z past.
    We will have a week of weather in the mid 60’s, with low’s in the mid 30’s. Now thar February will be the heavy snow month as it has been in Z last 3 years. There is a consistant pattern here in Z BURG!
    Happy Holiday’s to yer family Jeff, and to ya too!

  3. Ed says:

    I totally agree with Heath- You forecasters are lucky to correctly predict tomorrows weather-let alone all winter!
    Way too much time on weather during news segments–give us more of what people are interested in–MORE SPORTS!! LESS WEATHER!! Who cares about iosbars,wind shear etc., just tell me whats on store for tomorrow and cut the weather segment to 3 minutes/hour!!

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