Park & Ride Closure Causes Parking Problems In Monroeville

MONROEVILLE (KDKA) — A sinkhole is continuing to cause some major parking problems for commuters who used to use a park and ride lot in Monroeville.

The park and ride, located in the Giant Eagle/Roomful Express lot off of Route 22, was closed earlier this year because of the gaping sinkhole.

The lot provided 227 spaces, and now that it’s closed commuters have had to scramble to find other places to leave their vehicles.

In an email to KDKA, one commuter said that by 6 a.m. the Alpine parking lot is usually completely full.

Also, the email went on today say that not only is it a fight sometimes to find a spot, but also by 6:15 a.m. on Wednesday, there were already 125 people standing in line to catch the bus.

The Port Authority had an agreement to use spaces in front of the closed Roomful Express, but the plaza opted to end the lease agreement, kicking commuters to the curb earlier this month.

The Port Authority said they are continuing to actively look for a new lot.

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Sinkhole Problems Close Monroeville Park & Ride
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One Comment

  1. Wayner says:

    Top of the morn’in to ya Heather! Sinkhole yes, but more than likely caused by mine subsidence. Before that area was built up by shopping center’s in the 1950’s and 1960’s there was Westinghouse Air-Brake, and mine’s that shut down in the 1940’s. Just fer yer info! And Wayner with the PA RR Engineer’s hat who met ya oh about 2 month’s ago at the courthouse parking lot on Oct. 2nd could be somewhat wrong, but I highly doubt it!!
    P.S. Would a date with thee be possible!
    Sincerely yer’s

    1. Big Daddy Kahuna says:

      Likely correct there Wayner. Giant Eagle and the other establishments are probably sweating bullets!

  2. Wayner says:

    Hey thar BIG DADDY KAHUNA! Greetin’s fr. Z Wayner, thank ya 4 agree’in with thee! So much of our area was mined in the 1800’s and 1900’s. Wayner know’s where there at least 2 in the North Hill’s, 2 in the South Hill’s, one specifically on the hill’s right by Iron Horse Hobby store, on Painter’s Run Rd. & Bower Hill Rd. Hey at least if Heather Abraham won’t out with Wayner Friday nite, at the very leastest she can do a news story with thee anytime!!
    Sincerely all yer’s & HAPPY-HAPPY Holiday’s to YINZ all! thee in Z Majical City known all “THE BURG” referred by us native son’s & daughter’s!!
    Wayner Palke

  3. Cerberus says:

    Is there a full moon or something?

    1. Big Daddy Kahuna says:

      Not really Cerberus. Just one hell of a big hole in the ground.

      Now, on another note, me boy Wayner is trying to score with me gal Heather. Wonder if she reads these posts …. eh?

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