BNY Mellon Asks ‘Occupy’ To Leave, Protestors Vow To Stay

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Occupy Pittsburgh protestors got the word from BNY Mellon to pack up and leave or the bank will go to court to ask for an injunction.

BNY Mellon cites safety concerns with winter weather. In notices posted at the entrances to BNY Mellon Green, the bank states that there is concern over hypothermia, propane heaters and ice.

The notice orders protestors to clear out all of their tents and belongings by Sunday at noon. Any overnight camping or remaining structures after that will be considered trespassing forcing the bank will go to court on Monday for an injunction, according the notice.

Protestors have occupied the space next to the BNY Mellon building downtown since mid-October. They held a meeting Friday night to discuss the notice.

Protestors are vowing to stay past the Sunday deadline. Jonathan Gray says, “We’re not going anywhere.”

Occupy Pittsburgh
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  • 2059

    The police in Boston raided the Occupy site today, Pittsburgh’s next. Who do these fools think they are?

    • Mayor Stupidstal

      The protesters are all welcome to come to my house in the north hills…ummm..i mean the city..ahh lest scratch that..second thought I am going to seven springs!!

  • eddiethesnitch

    They’re on PRIVATE PROPERTY, for cryin’ out loud. BNY should apply for a parade permit for them so they can march — outta town and camp out in their parents backyard.

  • Occupy This

    BNY – LEt them stay…Just have them all complete a waiver so they don’t sue you when they freeze to death. I hope a big snowstorm hits real soon for them and the city shuts down.

    • Mayor of GBD

      Dead people can’t sue!

  • Mayor of GBD

    Why do they need an injunction? They have served them notice. From the deadline forward, it’s simply Defiant Tresspass. it is a summary offense with a fine between $75 and $150. Cite them EVERY DAY until they leave.

    Blast the compound with loud music all night…like “Hit the road Jack”

  • eddiethesnitch

    Let ’em camp out at the Boy Mayor’s house. He’ll be disappearing to Seven Springs during the first snow emergency anyway.

  • gman

    How are these people harming you 1% er`s? What are you afraid of?

    • Mayor of GBD

      I am not a 1%er any more than you are 99%ers. You’d be luclky if you are 50%ers. You do not represent ME or any of my friends. We laugh at your foolishness. No go away peacefully, or suffer the wrath of the legal system.

      • 2059

        Bring in the Pinkertons and let the heads roll!!

    • Obama Is The Only Harm

      I agree those AFL-CIO HIRED PROTESTERS are not harming me nor am I afraid of something that’s not for real, most of them are homeless putting on a front while the hired ones go home for the day.

  • The Hammer

    Another example of the results of the continuous breakdown of law and order. Disobey the law, no problem, no consequences. Shame on BNY and all the other mayors and impacted corporations in other cities for not nipping this trespass issue in the bud.


    Well Occupy Pgh it’s time to go. BNY was generous enough to let you stay on their land for almost 2 months. All the talk we have heard of how Occupy Pgh is going to leave this beautiful area in better condition than when you arrived. How you were going to take all your garbage ansd supplies with you. How you are going to plant new grass in the spring. The whole County will be watching.It’s time to put up or shut up. Let’s see how thankful and respectful you are to BNY for allowing you to stay this long. Here is your chance to earn a lot of peoples respect by cleaning up after yourselves and leaving peacefully on Sunday . Im with the 99% who say that won’t happen, That all your talk of respecting the park was just BS. Here’s your chance to do the right thing. I won’t hold my breath.

    • XJamesX

      totalitarian… coming soon to city near you!

  • North

    Isn’t that profound? “We’re not going anywhere.”

    • South

      ROFL, you’re right you’ll never go anywhere, North.

    • THOMAS

      shut up loser and pack up your stuff; na na na na, hey hey hey, GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mungo

    Let the snow bury them

  • Timmy

    They are on PRIVATE property. I fail to see how anyone can support them. This is trespassing and they need to move along.

  • seriously?

    shoot them? let the snow bury them? Seriously, what is wrong with you people? These are other people you are talking about. So you, are saying that people who dont share your outlook and beliefs should die… what is wrong with this place.

    • Timmy

      You really think these comments are serious? Get a grip. But the fact is, these people were asked to leave. By law, they have no right to be there. If something were to happen to one of them, they would be the first to bring suit against BNY because they feel that they are ENTITLED. They need to move along. They’ve had their little protest and BNY has been agreeable to allow them WITHOUT permission to set up tents on their property. If they want to protest, they need to go and PURCHASE land where they can do this. End of story.

      • seriously?

        I have a great “grip”. This has nothing to do with “property” or whether or not someone has the “right” to be somewhere. It has to do with the fact that people are so hateful to others and it makes me sick. But they are just “losers” right? “Losers”, because they have different ideas, or values?

    • THOMAS

      GET A JOB

  • gman

    Most of these comments are coming from the people who would`ve sided with the Chinese govt. at Tiannanmen Square. You kids can do a Google search since that incident happened before you were born.Hateful republican brats that still live with mom and dad.

    • baicolt1

      gman you libs are always living in a dream world. It is the republicans that go to work and pay all the bills so these people don’t work and collect our money from us in the form of welfare. All so they can camp out and be useless people like parasites on society. You are so wrong in so many ways. WAKE UP. Also facsism is the same as being liberal it is about big government not corporations. If you went to school it has failed you.

    • Timmy

      Those who still live with their mom and dad are usually the loser democrats who thing they are ENTITLED to things that other people have rightfully earned. I’m sure this was just a typo on your part, gman.

    • Brats

      I agree,their mommies & daddys probably pay for their student loans & their cellphones…….No wonder they don’t know what it really costs to live on your own…….Wait until they ship your job across the pond

    • Effuman

      I would have never sided with a communist, that is why I don’t side with Obama the biggest Commie.
      I think they should leave those AFL-CIO HIRED PROTESTERS alone, as far as Obama he would always side with LARGE GOVERNMENT even the CHINESE ONE.

  • Matt Stokes

    So they’re liars. Originally BNY told them they could stay as long as they were peaceful. That was apparently a lie.

    • Timmy

      Why do you think they are ENTITLED to set up camp on property that does not belong to them? Please enlighten me. Will these protesters sign waivers that assure BNY they will not be sued for any problem that may come along?

      • JB

        Can’t allow you to change the subject. You didn’t address the fact that BNY lied and said they could stay as long as they were peaceful.

      • Timmy

        I’m not changing the subject. They are not ENTITLED to someone else s property. They did not EARN it. They have been asked by the RIGHTFUL owners to leave and should abide by the request.

    • BYE BYE

      When did they say they could stay as long as they wanted? Ive never seen that quote anywhere.

  • Level Green

    So let’s see how smart and responsible these people are. They have been completely invisible with their effort, no TV coverage, no press nothing. All they have to do is to move to a City Park somewhere. Mayor Skippy will never throw them out.

    I remember when they started their live-in, they promised to clean up the park, replant the grass and make it look like they were never there. We’ll see.

  • Mr. Kite

    How can anyone NOT be upset with the damage these financial institutions have caused this country? Useful idiots. Clean the park? replant the grass? BFD

    • the root of blame

      I’m more angry with the soon to be gone Barney Franks the gay congressman that was responsible for spreading the kind of borderline communist laws that loaned money to those who could not repay those loans.
      How about that damage spin king kite, these financial institutions followed those Dodd/Franks laws initiated by communist/spread the wealth/democrats.

    • Timmy

      Damage? Banks and big business provide jobs. If you want to have all the money, YOU take the risk and YOU create the jobs. And yes – it is a BFD to replant the grass and clean the park. Don’t you CARE about the environment?

  • I hate mobs

    The idea that a “protest” movement is given approval by the object of their wrath to “occupy” and ruin their property just shows how bassackwards and PC the world, yes even the corporate world of the banks, has become. It’s like Range Resources allowing the anti-fracking people to camp on their property. Seriously… makes no sense. But glad they wil be out soon. Don’t want them detracting from the beautiful creche at USX Tower right down the street.

  • chance

    PARASITES! Clean up your mess, take a shower and GET A JOB!

  • gman

    Indeed they`re on private property but if it isn`t your property STFU. Here`s a photo of one of those “parasites”.

    • baicolt1

      A house divided cannot stand. This is want the liberal government is looking to do the people here, bring it down so they can rebuild it the way the liberals want it.

    • I hate mobs

      Ya but this man fought the fascists…not the banks. Seems like the Occupados are OK with fascism like Obama’s. One of the protesters probably took their grandfather out of the dementia unit and told him he was going to a Veteran’s Day parade then hung a sign around his neck. I wouldn’t put it past them. Bada bing… Or…. maybe he is hard of hearing and thought the 99% referred to the senior discount on McDonald’s coffee.. bada bam….

      • gman

        One of the tenets of Fascism is being under corporate rule. Does that help you understand what OWS is about? Does it help you understand anything more complex than what Limbaugh or FAUX news is feeding you?

    • Level Green

      Seriously……that’s your Holy Grail to follow. I thought you guys had your own ideas, were following your own paths.

      Looks like you’re just tools of rich Democrats instead of rich Republicans.

    • gman

      Regarding FOX news. There`s now been 7 different studies that have reached the same conclusion. FOX viewers are uninformed.This where stupid people go to maintain their stupidity.

    • Timmy

      LOL gman – Jon Stewart and Wow, who is the misinformed one? LOL

  • Billy

    Maybe these slugs will start their own company and begin to contribute to society, like buying a house and a car instead of a bike and a tent.

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  • I hate mobs

    Monday should be amusing when the judge orders them out. They will whine and complain about their “rights” to plant themselves on private property. I think the real reason they like the tent set-up is that there are so few people actually participating in this, the mass of tents makes it look like there are many. Clean up and get out or the po po will do it Monday. Good luck police officers/sheriff’s deputies in getting these people outta there, as a few will be hoping for a fight so they can sue the city. I hope the time of the eviction is announced so perhaps I can go up at lunch time and have a good laugh.

  • dr michael

    Go in there and throw them out. Dont need police, just hire some thugs…extra money for Christmas. Throw them out !!

  • mmjr5987

    Enough already…time to kick the hippies out.

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