Fans Impressed By Big Ben’s Ability To Play Through Pain

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s never a good sign when the quarterback limps off the field; but on Thursday night, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger shrugged off the pain after a scary-looking leg injury and got back on the field.

Looking for an open receiver in the second quarter, Roethlisberger ran out of time and down he went. His ankle took the brunt of the sack.

It had fans worried, not just about the game, but about the rest of the season.

“When I saw it, I didn’t know if he was going to be able to come back to the game or not,” said one fan.

But fear not fans. Roethlisberger was absent for a few minutes in the second quarter, and after halftime gallantly hobbled back onto the field after being cleared by doctors.

“Limped off, went right into the locker room. I knew he was coming back,” said Steeler fan Tim Bellin. “Everybody said he’s [going to] be done for the game. I knew he was coming back. He has that toughness in him.”

“He’s always injured and he always gets back up and moves forward with it,” added Denise Baer, another fan.

Some fans are even comparing him to a Steelers Hall of Famer. Many saying his ability to play through the pain and injuries is much like that of Terry Bradshaw.

“Ben reminds me of Terry Bradshaw in the back. He plays for the love of the game. He plays through toughness,” said Bellin. “I think now he’s starting to get the recognition.”

Roethlisberger will have some extra time to recover. The Steelers don’t play again until Dec. 19 when they take on the San Francisco 49ers.

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One Comment

  1. Nadine says:

    OH PLEASE . . . An ankle injury and he is lauded for playing through “Pain”. I believe I even heard the word brave mentioned in talking about this . . .What about the millions of people who have chronic pain and debilitating injuries, working to support their families. . . He immediately had an MRI – a lot of people don’t get an MRI for serious problems because they don’t have the health care coverage and can’t afford it. How many millions does Ben and these other primadonna athletes make and they have the best doctors and health care money can buy? I am SO sick of hearing about how much effort they put out when they are hurt – they should!!!

    1. Vinny says:

      You both would call off work with a papercut

    2. Really? says:

      They are special – they have a God given talent. Ok so it’s to play a game but a God given talent just the same. I think anyone who works through pain should get a pat on the back. Ben just happens to be a quarterback. Why are you and Nadine so upset over this? Like it or not he is a celebrity and it is news

    3. Dave says:

      He went to Miami of Ohio. He was guaranteed nothing like some of these other players who go to big name schools. Clearly you have no idea what you are talking about.

  2. MAS says:

    just because your life sucks, don’t trash Ben for playing hurt. Don’t act like you wouldn’t call of work if you sprained your ankle in the morning while shaving your mustache

    1. Mayor of GBD says:

      I blew my achilles tendon and only missed the day of the surgery. My wife & daughter drove me to work for six weeks until the cast came off. Then, I drove myself. I also attended physical therapy in the evenings so I never missed work. It’s called dedication and ethical conduct.

  3. Stush says:

    Yinz are all grumpy because yinz had to stay up to make sure Ben won the game

  4. Eddie Yount says:

    yea ive been 1/2 asleep all day cause of that …

  5. Mayor of GBD says:

    I’ll believe the broken finger when I see the Xray and the extent of his ankle damage when the MRi goes public…until then he is the new team drama queen since Hines is benched. While I’m at it, NICE FUMBLE YOU WASHED “PRANCER”!

  6. kev says:

    are fans impressed the Steelers only managed to barely beat the Browns? considering for almost the entire game the score was 7-3.

  7. Charlie Fan says:

    Give credit where credit is due . Ben deserves to be praised for getting back in that game and pulling off a win.
    I also have to add : Go Charlie Go Charlie ! I love Charlie Batch !

    1. Mayor of GBD says:

      Maybe they “gave him the needle” to get him back inthe game?

    2. Parish says:

      I’m a hard-core Charlie lover too….

  8. swin says:

    “It had fans worried, not just about the game, but about the rest of the season.”

    Well I guess nobody was really worried about Ben and whether he was seriously hurt – they were just worried about ‘the game’ and ‘the rest of the season.’

    I hope Ben realizes much sooner than Terry Bradshaw that the fans don’t really care about you – they only care about what you can do for them.

    Just like Troy Polamalu – with all his concussions, his so-called ‘fans’ should be begging him to quit the game while there still is a chance that he won’t suffer mental problems for the rest of his life. Again, they don’t really care about the person and the man inside the uniform, they only care about ‘the game’ and ‘the season.’

    What a sad statement about where our values lie.

  9. Buttkissers says:

    All you buttkissers should give Ben 10 bucks and kiss his butt

  10. Thomas J Duttine says:

    If this was Crosby he would be in ICU!

  11. DABURGH says:

    Sorry to say the season is over for the Steelers and they have no one to blame but theirselves…Big Ben is a hellva of QB but a high ankle sprain is something that takes time and the Steelers are going into the home stretch to make the playoffs..Charlie Batch wont lead them to victory’s..After Leftwitch got hurt did they look for a backup..NO…Big Ben will miss at least 2 games and still wont be 100% fit..and the way he has to scramble around the pocket he mite not finish the season…Good Luck Steelers

  12. Timmy Tuttle says:

Comments are closed.

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