State Police: Mother Shot Son 6 Times In Red Lobster Parking Lot

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Investigators say the 21-year-old man found dead along with his mother earlier this week in a parking lot in Westmoreland County sustained five gunshot wounds to the head.

Mary Russo, 53, and her son, Matthew Russo, both of Brentwood, were found dead Wednesday inside of a car in the parking lot of the Red Lobster restaurant on Route 30 in Greensburg.

State police say they have now labeled the shooting as a homicide-suicide.

According to investigators, a total of seven shots were fired during the incident.

The Westmoreland County Coroner reports that Matthew Russo died as a result of five gunshot wounds to the head.

State police say Mary Russo fired five shots into her son, reloaded, shot him one more time before turning the gun on herself. According to the coroner’s office, she died as a result of a single gunshot wound also to the head.

State police also say it is still not known at this time what prompted the shooting and that question may never be answered.

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Mother, Son Found Dead In Red Lobster Parking Lot
Greensburg Murder-Suicide Remains Under Investigation
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One Comment

  1. Christine says:

    This young man did not deserve to die at the hands of his mother – the person with whom we trust the most. What is wrong with this world? Why are we hearing more often than not that kids are being murdered at the hands of their parents? So young……..

  2. Kathie Grove Kapusta says:

    How was she able to shoot 7 times, a 38 doesn’t hold that many?

    1. a says:

      You can buy a .38 with an 8 round cylinder.

    2. Mayor of GBD says:

      State police say Mary Russo fired five shots into her son, reloaded, shot him one more time before turning the gun on herself. According to the coroner’s office, she died as a result of a single gunshot wound also to the head.

      Duh, did you read the article KGK? Didn’t think so.

      1. Kathie Grove Kapusta says:

        I wrote it BEFORE they said she reloaded and kept shooting. Sorry MAYOR……I’m not as smart as you I guess….

      2. Mayor of GBD says:

        KGK, the artile above was published BEFORE you could add a comment here, so YES, I am MUCH SMARTER than you.

  3. Wayner says:

    Another sad statistic, in perfect time for this Holiday season! My condolences to the Rossi family.

    1. Mayor of GBD says:


  4. susan says:

    WTAE says she had “mental health issues”. If she was taking psych drugs, anything possible. So very sad.

  5. Scott B. says:

    Matt was a student at St. Vincent’s . During spring break and summer break Matt worked at Co Go’s along rt. 51 and Nobles lane. Matt was the cicest guy.
    No matter what kind of day you were having after leaving the store you left with a smile. Just because of Matt’s brightness. I will miss seeing him. To the staff at the store Lori, Mike, And John. So sorry to hear about this.

  6. Suzanne says:

    Stop making excuses for premeditated murder! Most depressed people on medication and most psychotics, would not ever shoot to kill their children or anyone else. As a society we have to hold people accountable for their evil. She planned her own son’s murder. Evil is as evil does.

    1. bettygerbil says:

      i have worked with mental health patients u don’t know the magnitude people will go to or due when there on there meds or come off . most depressed people have problems at this time of year just as any other people. are suicide rates this time of year tripled as years back . and with more and more people losing there jobs and prices of the stuff today it is depressing . there is no excuse for what happened here and it is very sad and i feel for all the family members

    2. susan says:

      You really need to google SSRI Stories.

    3. susan says:

      Suzanne – google SSRI stories and read about the murders.

  7. katlover says:

    So very sad

  8. laura clark says:

    can someone from Brentwood answer this question, I went to school in Brentwood. Graduated in 1978. I think I went to school with Mary, but not sure. If she is who I think she is, she was nice to me back then when few were. Does anyone know did she graduate in 78?

  9. Red Lobster says:

    Matbe it was the food

  10. Biff Johnson says:

    Why is this such a stumper?
    It’s not like she MURDERED him, after all.
    Doubt it?
    Has no one ever heard of DPPD (Delayed Post Partum Depression), and/or LCAS (Late Choice Abortion Syndrome)?
    I can’t count the number of times my mom wanted to kill both my twin brother and I as we grew up!!!
    The main thing you want to steer clear of in a situation like this is using words like kill, murder, infantacide, etc. and make sure to substitue them with succsessful catch phrases like “A woman’s right to choose”
    Too bad we can’t ask her, it might be interesting to hear for further research.

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