AMBRIDGE (KDKA) — Police in Beaver County arrested a registered sex offender overnight after concerned neighbors reported seeing him coming and going from an apartment where a young girl lived with her father.

Ambridge police were notified by residents that Charles Waggle had been staying at an apartment on Olivia Lane for about 3 weeks.

Waggle, 39, was convicted of sexual abuse in the first degree in September of 2000. He was registered to live at a different address nearby — so neighbors in the area had already been notified of his criminal past.

Neighbors also told police a 13-year-old girl lived in the apartment and they were concerned about her safety.

“Our concern at the time was not so much of the address change,” Ambridge Police Patrolman Zadock Dismuke told KDKA. “However, there’s a 13-year-old girl who also resided at the same apartment he’s been staying at. Our investigation revealed that the father did realize that he was on Megan’s Law.”

One neighbor told KDKA-TV that Waggle interacted with many children in the area; but they were particularly concerned about the teenage girl because they reported seeing him hugging and interacting with her on numerous occasions. “When he started getting a little too friendly with the one neighbor and the family, it does cause concern,” Peppi Adams told KDKA, “and we were concerned; that’s why we called police last night.”

Police took Waggle into custody for failure to register an address change under Megan’s Law. The girl’s father was also charged with endangering the welfare of a child for allegedly his daughter to be alone with Waggle several times.

Ambridge police say their investigation will continue to determine whether additional charges are warranted.

The girl is now staying with her mother.

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