STATE COLLEGE (KDKA) – The other person at the center of the Penn State investigation is football coach Mike McQueary who allegedly saw Jerry Sandusky raping a boy in a locker room shower.

However, there have been varying accounts of McQueary’s story.

So, what does that mean for the case against Sandusky?

In addition to the victims, the most eagerly awaited testimony is that of McQueary. His statements to the grand jury have been hotly contested and a family friend contradicts them.

McQueary told the Grand Jury in 2002 that he heard rhythmic slapping sounds coming from the shower. He then saw a naked boy with his hands against the wall being sexually assaulted by a naked Sandusky.

According to the Patriot News, family friend Dr. Jonathan Dranov was told a different story by McQueary.

According to Dr. Dranov, McQueary said he heard “sex sounds” and that a boy poked his head out of a shower stall. The boy was then pulled back by an adult arm.

McQueary then saw Sandusky leave the shower with a towel around his waist.

“Up until we went public, individuals were just assuming that what the Commonwealth witnesses were saying was true,” Sandusky’s attorney Joe Amendola said.

Amendola’s job will be to try to undermine McQueary’s credibility. He has characterized the incident has horseplay.

However, Ken Suggs, an attorney for one of the victims disagrees.

“In any case, if you just take what the witness – the doctor- says he heard that there were sex sounds and showering with the child, that’s enough right there to be a crime I think,” Suggs said.

Regardless, Suggs said McQueary’s statements to the Grand Jury will hold up.

“Mr. McQueary has given a written statement that’s consistent with his testimony under oath at the Grand Jury. So, I would tend to believe what was done under oath rather than some hearsay recollection by another witness,” Suggs said.

The Attorney General’s Office is not commenting, but it is widely believed that McQueary will be called to testify.

KDKA-TV will be at Sandusky’s preliminary hearing. Andy Sheehan and Harold Hayes will have live team coverage of the case.

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