Thursday marks the 58th Annual Children’s Hospital Free Care Friends Benefit Show which helps to ensure that no child in need will go without medical care. Last year’s event raised more than $1.5 million for the Free Care Fund.


PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – He has had five open heart surgeries and a transplant and he’s only one-year-old.

However, life in his second year is looking up thanks to the doctors and staff at Children’s Hospital.

Danielle McKain holds one-year-old Jameson close to her heart. But, there was no time for that just after he was born at West Penn Hospital.

“Within 45 minutes of Jameson being born my husband, Patrick, and Jameson were transported down to Children’s,” Danielle McKain said.

Colin McKain’s younger brother was diagnosed with a rare congenital heart defect.

Jameson has spent much of his young life hooked up to wires and tubes.

“I think as a mom and a dad your main purpose is to take care of your kids. When you hand them off to someone and trust that they’re going to take care of your child and do your job, it’s hard,” Danielle McKain said.

Pediatric Cardiologist Susan Miller said Jameson is finally on the mend.

“He’s recovered from his transplant with excellent heart function. His heart’s doing great and he’s back to all the normal baby things that everybody his age has and can start to do some catch-up,” Miller said.

“Now he’s catching up and now he’s growing. He’s eating and he’s talking and he’s waving and high fiving. I cry. Every time he goes to a different milestone I cry. And I’m grateful for that,” Danielle McKain said.

Doctors and staff at Children’s Hospital opened their hearts to give Jameson the gift of life. Now, thanks to their efforts, he’ll be home for the holidays.

“This year we will all be waking up Christmas morning in our home which is priceless,” Danielle McKain said.

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