PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Homewood community is in mourning today after fire broke out in a house there overnight, claiming the lives of a woman and her three children.

It has been a difficult day for neighbors and firefighters following the fatal overnight fire.

Despite efforts from a boyfriend, neighbors and firefighters, no one was able to rescue three children and their mother from their burning home.

“I knew that they were in there,” said Charlotte Parran, a neighbor. “I knew they were still there and all we could really do was wait around until the end to find out what happened.”

The original call came in for a mattress fire in a second-floor bedroom.

The chief of Pittsburgh Fire Bureau says there were reports that one of the children may have been bringing pots of water upstairs, where the fire is believed to have started. That’s also what may have alerted the mother’s boyfriend of the fire.

“One of the kids came downstairs getting water,” Parran said. “He wanted to know what was going on. He went up there and he said all he could do was grab the baby and run out.”

A 3-year-old girl was the only surviving child. Her twin died, as well as her two brothers, 6-year-old Ky’ Yrik McCullough and 7-year-old My’ Zhirik McCullough.

Neighbors say the children’s mother, Indira, was devoted to her kids.

“My heart goes out to the family. We’re definitely keeping them in our prayers,” said Michael Morris, another neighbor. “The whole neighborhood is keeping them in prayer.”

“It hits the family hard,” said Pittsburgh Fire Bureau Chief Darryl Jones. “It hits the neighborhood and it also hits the fire bureau.”

Fire investigators were back on the scene this afternoon.

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