EAST WASHINGTON (KDKA) – A police officer and the man who is believed to have shot him are both dead.

It began Sunday night when two police officers were shot during a traffic stop on Interstate 70 in Washington County.

The police officer who died was a member of the East Washington Police Department.

The suspect has been identified as Eli Franklin Myers, 58, of Webster, Westmoreland County.

Around 10:30 p.m. Sunday, Officer John David Dryer stopped Myers along I-70 near Washington for having an expired license plate.

Soon after, Officer Robert Caldwell arrived as backup.

At some point, Myers engaged the officers in a gunfight.

Officer Dryer was fatally wounded during the exchange and Officer Caldwell suffered non-life threatening wounds.

According to District Attorney Steve Toprani, Officer Caldwell observed Myers stand over Officer Dryer and fire a headshot after initially shooting him in the groin.

“I did not see him other than I knew there was a body lying there and I saw another police officer giving chest compressions to that body,” Tom Plevin said.

Myers fled the scene and returned to his home in Webster.

A standoff ensued and State Police SERT Team members shot and killed Myers when he engaged them with a weapon outside of the home.

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