UNIONTOWN (KDKA) — A local mother is scrambling to save Christmas after burglars stole presents from her Fayette County house.

Burglars threw a brick through a window, hoisted themselves inside and ransacked the Herman Street home in Uniontown.

“They opened presents under the tree and took some of them and then I had four bags downstairs with my kids presents in it and they took them too,” Jennifer Rigger said.

This happened sometime Sunday night or early Monday morning while Rigger and her sons, ages 5 and 10, were staying at her parents’ house nearby.

“They took all the kids’ game systems,” she said. “We had all three game systems. We had a Play Station 3, a Nintendo Wii and an Xbox 360 and a little bit of games that went with them and they’re gone.”

No other homes on the street were hit, but Uniontown Police say this is the time of year Grinch-like thieves know presents will be wrapped and waiting under the tree.

“If you’re going to be away for any extended period of time, leave lights on, you know, let your neighbors know, keep an eye on the house for you,” Uniontown Police Patrolman Thomas Kolencik said.

Rigger and her sons are now staying with family. They’re too frightened to stay at home for the holidays.

“It’s hard,” she said. “I’m a single parent. I struggle really hard to make it and for them to do this, especially my kids’ presents, it hurts.”

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