PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Building inspectors went to the home of an elderly woman in Homewood.

The woman, in her 80’s, had to be rescued after she fell down. Her house was filled with clutter.

The residence is located in the 7500-block of Tioga Street.

Neighbors say at some point the dolls in Viora Fears’ yard were everywhere – inside and out – so much so, when paramedics came to her home to help her, they found conditions that warranted citation.

“She knows it’s her stuff – it’s her belongings, it’s her home,” Ronell Perry, a neighbor, said. “So, [not] much else you can do because if you try to go and clean more stuff up, they become a little bit agitated.”

The woman was taken to a local hospital.

“You may consider her to be a hoarder, but that’s something that I can’t judge on,” another neighbor added.

The building inspectors say it’s not the first time they’ve been called to the house and it’s always the same things – stuffed toy animals and debris scattered throughout the home.

“Somebody needs to do something about the senior citizens,” Wanda Goe Perry, a neighbor, said.

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