Ross Township Rapist Still On The Loose

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

(Photo: KDKA-TV) Brenda Waters
Have a positive day. That's how Brenda Waters ends the weekend morning...
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ROSS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – The Ross Township community has been on edge for nearly a week. People are afraid to go about their daily routines because a rapist is still on the loose.

A woman was raped Saturday morning at the Woodhawk Club Apartment Complex and a second woman was raped Monday morning at the Cascades Apartments.

The suspect is described as an African American man in his forties, about six-foot-one. Police say he drives a dark blue Ford Expedition XLT with chrome mirrors and wheels.

One tenant has written in his apartment window: “Look out for each other.” Many people have resorted to carrying pepper spray with them.

A person of interest was brought in for questioning but then released.

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