UNIONTOWN (KDKA) — State police in Fayette County are crediting an alert neighbor for not only helping to thwart a burglary, but they say he then prevented the suspects from getting away.

According to state police, the Spring Hill Township resident spotted a man and woman stealing scrap metal from a residence along Titus Street around 11 a.m. Thursday.

“It was just general scrap items that he had in his yard, front and back yard area, just things that at some point I assume he intended to turn in for cash,” said Tpr. Stefani Plume, of the Pennsylvania State Police.

While waiting for police to arrive, the neighbor – identified as Lonny Myers – then prevented the suspects from escaping by blocking their vehicle with his truck.

“The next thing I know, I saw them walk over and start taking his scrap metal and putting in the back of their truck,” said Myers. “I saw them running back and forth with the scrap metal, and I knew it ain’t right for them to just take it.”

He and the homeowner, who asked to not be identified, then confronted the thieves.

“I come out the door and kind of got in this guy’s face and was asking him what going on,” said the homeowner. “He was making up excuses about trying to get stuff to buy clothes for his daughter for school, and you know I didn’t buy that.”

When troopers arrived, they arrested the suspects, Christopher Watson, 24, and Lindsey Fowler, 20, both of Point Marion, and returned the scrap metal to its owner.

Both Watson and Fowler are now facing theft charges.

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