By Rick Dayton

HARRISBURG (KDKA) – Gov. Tom Corbett promised that he would not raise taxes when he campaigned to replace Ed Rendell in Harrisburg.

For the second straight year, his budget keeps that promise, but it is not without some pain.

Making cuts are the hard reality of the Commonwealth’s current condition. The governor’s $27.1 billion dollar proposed budget does not increase taxes.

However, shrinking tax revenue means cuts will be made again.

“Reform means understanding this simple truth. When you don’t have enough to spend, you spend less. Reform also means knowing the difference between ‘make work project’ and a ‘save jobs project.’ It’s the difference between merely propping something up and building on its real value,” Gov. Corbett said.

The state budget proposed by Gov. Corbett seeks to cut $330 million, or 20 percent, from 14 state-owned universities.

Aid to Penn State, the University of Pittsburgh and Temple University could be reduced by as much as 30 percent.

Corbett said reform for education is absolutely necessary and schools need to do what the state asks of them and do it for every student of every background in all parts of the state.

“What Harrisburg can do for education is to set standards both for our schools and our government. We need to put things in the proper order when it comes to our priorities. Student, family, teacher in that order,” Gov. Corbett said.

PennDOT is cut by 20 percent, but when it comes to social services, the Republican governor said Pennsylvania cannot maintain what it has been doing for 40, 50 or 60 years when it hasn’t improved the lives of the poor.

“The budget I bring you is built to transform the public welfare system, not to eliminate it, but to right-size it. It modifies programs to give incentives to those who are able to transition from the welfare line to the unemployment line while it gives real relief to the poor,” Gov. Corbett said.

The budget must be approved by the Legislature before going into effect on July 1.


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