PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A man accused of raping three women in the North Hills and Beaver County is in court.

Last month, authorities arrested 38-year-old Arthur Henderson and charged him with 20 counts, including rape.

Two of his three female victims testified during his preliminary hearing Friday.

The first victim is from Hopewell. She said she looked downstairs and saw a masked man inside her townhouse. He pushed her into a bedroom, made her take off all of her clothes and raped her while she cried and begged him to stop.

The second victim lived at the Woodhawk Apartments in Ross Township. She said when she came home from walking her dog he forced his way inside with a gun.

He made her lock up her dog and at gunpoint, he made her take off her clothes and raped her. She said Henderson took three of her credit cards which police say he later used.

A third victim left the door unlocked while walking her dogs at the Cascade Apartments. She came home to find her fiance lying on the floor at gunpoint. She told the judge that Henderson demanded money and took several hundred dollars from a safe.

She says Henderson then duct-taped her fiance’s hands and feet and then threatened to shoot her, her fiance and their four-month-old infant. He then raped her in another room.

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