By Paul Martino

MONROEVILLE (KDKA) — People were flocking to Central Liquidators in Monroeville Friday night.

KDKA-TV took a hidden camera inside to see what the fuss was all about.

The first thing KDKA’s Paul Martino found was an $8 admission fee. For people like Elizabeth Day, it was a big turnoff.

“I didn’t go in,” she said. “Didn’t say there was admission being charged, so, you know, I wasn’t really prepared pay admission right now.”

She says it rubbed her the wrong way. “I just wanted to look around. If it wasn’t enticing, then why pay admission?”

KDKA-TV found rows and rows of electronics, clothing and jewelry, but it wasn’t too exciting for Joseph Kerr who drove all the way there from New Castle.

“I think it’s a high-priced indoor flea market,” he said. “They advertised laptops for $99 and don’t have them.”

KDKA-TV did find a $99 desktop computer. It was used and dirty. The monitor and keyboard will cost you more.

“For every one person that complains, there’s 100 happy people,” Brenda Dye, a spokesperson for Central Liquidators, said. “Okay. There’s good buys, good bargains in there.”

Central Liquidators management asked KDKA-TV to leave, but not before defending their merchandise.

“The $99-computer is a refurbished, reconditioned computer. It’s a desktop model and it does come with a manufacturer’s 30-day manufacturer’s warranty,” Dye said.

Martino: “Yeah, but, you’re leaving here Sunday. How do I know that you’re going to back up that warranty?”

Dye: “First of all, I give you my telephone number on our receipt.”

Warranty or not, many shoppers say they’ve been had.

“It was disappointing,” Robert Anderson, of the North Side, said. “Couldn’t find nothing that I really wanted.”

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