PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A nonprofit neighborhood group on the South Side sponsored a hearing looking into whether there should be a new neighborhood improvement district tax.

The annual fee would be based on the assessed value of property.

There was not vote by the South Side Improvement Company; however, the group is a proponent of imposing the fee to do things the city is incapable of doing because of financial strain, such as improved parking, litter cleanup and more security.

“It’s always scary to think about paying more for things, but realistically speaking, the city isn’t going to be able to do anything more for South Side,” Susie Puskar, a spokesperson for the group, said. “South Side’s achieved a level of success and at this point, if people want to see more services, they need to be able to have that control themselves.”

Most of the people who showed up at the meeting spoke out against the additional fee saying they pay enough taxes already.

Homeowner Rob Frank says a new tax is not the way to go. He agrees there were problems on the South Side especially on weekends when young people show up at the bars on East Carson Street.

“We don’t need people to clean my street – I clean it,” Don Troesch, a homeowner, said. “I don’t need people to watch my neighborhood – I watch it.”

Before a new tax is imposed, City Council must meet on it and there must be public hearings.

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