PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A stray dog from Ohio is getting a new lease on life, thanks to the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society.

Jay Jay, an Austrialian shepherd mix, is headed to Idaho to be trained as a search and rescue dog.

“The chances of a stray dog with no known history, no known training, to become a search and rescue dog is incredibly rare – one in a thousand, one in 20,000.”

Jay Jay is so hyper so active that the people at the Western PA Humane Society knew it would be difficult finding him a home.

“Very active and when I say active, think the cartoon character, the Tazmanian Devil, where they kind of spin in circles.”

Knowing Jay Jay’s excitement and energy, the staff at the Humane Society built little mountains out of boxes and other materials and hid a treat inside. Jay Jay was able to find the treat within mere seconds.

They sent this video to the Search and Rescue Organization in Idaho, and trainers there were impressed.

“The fact that he did so well, so quickly, and would just dig through boxes and knock them down, just inspired everybody to say, ‘This dog has a lot of potential to excel at search and rescue work.'”

Jay Jay will make the trek out West in just a few days. After about a year’s worth of training, Jay Jay will likely assist in mountain rescues.

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