PETERS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — The Bartram House Bakery on Route 19 in Peters Township was targeted by a fast-talking con artist.

A man walked into the bakery on Tuesday, said he worked for a fire protection company and went and checked the fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

He also said he was working in conjunction with a local fire department and the fire marshal, but that was a lie too.

Tim Warne, the bakery owner, told KDKA-TV the con artist even talked to him on the phone and told him what the bill would be – nearly $300.

“He goes back and touches a few things and comes up and hands them a bill,” Warne explained. “And they in turn called me and I talked to the gentleman and he gave me this full story.

“I said, ‘Well, we don’t pay your company when they come in. We have an account with them – we have for years.’”

The persistent con artist wrote out a bill and an employee gave him $298 out of the cash register.

Warren said he’s disappointed he’s short $300, but is worried about what would have happened if cashier didn’t give the con man the money.

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