Husky Seized From New Owners In Churchill

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A dog that mauled a baby in McKeesport last week has been seized and quarantined.

The Allegheny County District Attorney’s office obtained a court order Thursday to take the Husky away from his new owners in Churchill.

Nikko is blamed in the death of a 2-day-old baby in McKeesport last week. The baby’s mother, Brandy Furlong, left the baby in a carrier on the floor while she went upstairs for a few moments. That’s when the dog attacked.

Police say Furlong adopted Nikko from Craigslist just two weeks before the attack. The dog had a broken leg and was living with three pit bulls at the Scott Street home in McKeesport.

On Wednesday, Nikko was released from the custody of McKeesport Animal Control Officer Ken Ferree and turned over to Furlong. She then gave Nikko to William Uhring, of Churchill, who paid several hundred dollars in fees attached to the dog’s release.

Uhring told KDKA-TV he felt sorry for the dog and wanted to adopt it since he already has a Husky and has cared for large dogs in the past.

A state dog warden now has custody of Nikko.

The Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the baby’s death as accidental. The district attorney’s office says the baby’s death is still under investigation.

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One Comment

  1. Victoria says:

    So, they are quite willing to return the dog to the negligent owner, but then turn around and re-seize the dog when said owner sells her dog to someone with experience with huskies? On what grounds was the dog seized from the new owners? This appears to be just another case of a D.A.’s office flailing about trying to appear to extract justice for the baby’s death and being too cowardly to seek a conviction against the real culprit (hint: it isn’t the young dog). The baby is not dead because it was mauled; the baby is dead because it’s mother (grieving or not, let’s be honest here) was negligent and stupid.

  2. The baby’s mother was *uneducated* – many people think their dog is going to be as friendly to a baby as it is to them, not realizing that a baby’s squeals can tip a dog into predatory drive, especially if the dog was never socialized to young children when it was still a puppy. Too many parents believe the myth that all you have to do is take something that smells like the baby home, and the dog will automatically accept the child when it comes home from the hospital! But, dogs need to be introduced to children while the dog is still a puppy. The optimal socialization period for pups is from 8-16 weeks of age, with 8-12 weeks being the most critical. Many people fail to give their pups adequate experiences during that time to insure that they will be comfortable with novel situations in adulthood. However, the fact that a dog had an episode like this is evidence that they have some predatory drive, so they need a responsible owner who will spare no effort in keeping people safe. Sadly, this just seems like an adolescent dog who was too long left to his own devices, and placed in a dangerous position being left alone with an infant. Sadly, this woman’s ignorance cost her child’s life and probably is going to get the dog killed, too.

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