PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh City Council Bill Peduto has released a report filled with recommendations to ease flooding in the city’s East End.

Peduto presented it to the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority. He says when they’re gone into the sewers in the past, they’ve found volleyballs, keyboards and even skateboards.

“We’re not talking about the typical water in the basement that you see a lot in Pittsburgh,” he said. “We’re talking about flooding that goes up to the first floor. We’re talking about cars floating down the street on the occurrence of two to three times a year.”

People who live in Shadyside, Squirrel Hill and Point Breeze told their personal stories through a series of town hall meetings.

Terry Jeggle, of Shadyside, is optimistic about Peduto’s proposal which calls for regular maintenance, cleaning and a multi-prong approach above and below ground.

“If it’s only treated as an engineering problem with an engineering solution – no, I don’t think it will address the issue,” he said. “It has to be handled with environmental considerations, community involvement and responsiveness, responsibilities on people not throwing leaves and junk and other things down the drains.”

It’s not clear when the PWSA will respond to the recommendations in the report.

City Councilman Bill Peduto
Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority

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