By John Shumway

CRAFTON (KDKA) — A third employee of the Family Dollar store in Crafton has been fired following Sunday night’s armed robbery.

The suspect in the robbery remains at large and none of the employees has been accused of being involved in the robbery.

Instead, Family Dollar Communications Director Josh Braverman tells KDKA-TV the employees were fired for improper handling of the store’s money.

“There have been violations of those policies that led to the terminations,” says Braverman. “We don’t terminate people because they are involved in a robbery. Unfortunately robberies do occur in our stores, the folks that were in this incident were not fired because of the robbery and they gave away too much cash. They were terminated because of their violations of the cash policies.”

The store’s manager was fired for not making the daily deposits in the bank. That allowed the money in the store’s safe to build up to the $5,000 haul made by the robber.

The two assistant managers who were working on Sunday night have been fired for failure to make regular deposits of money into the store’s safe.

Both employees tell KDKA-TV they did make the required “drops” and that they only had $5s and $1s in their register drawers at the time of the robbery.

The two assistant managers say they are being denied severance pay and feel like they have been improperly fired. Both are currently attorney shopping.

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