PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s been one year since a local woman disappeared, and her family continues to hold out hope that she’ll be found alive.

Alivia Kail has been missing since March of 2011 when she told her family she was going on a trip; she hasn’t been heard from since.

One year later, Kail’s friends and family gathered on a cold, snowy Sunday night in Brookline to mark the anniversary since anyone has seen or heard from her.

“Throughout this whole entire year, you know, it’s been very heartbreaking for my family,” said Christine DiDiano, Kail’s mother.

DiDiano has never give up hope that eventually there would be word of her daughter who vanished without a trace after a trip to Florida with a male companion.

But she realizes a year is a long time to go without a trace.

“The greatest miracle would be that Alivia would still come back,” she said.

The male companion has been identified as Alex Lorenzi. He was questioned by police, but never charged in the case.

On Sunday evening, his mother stood outside of the vigil frustrated that her son’s name has been associated with the case, but never charged.

“My son is always being connected with this when my son has never been charged, never been arrested, nothing whatsoever to do with this,” said Genie Lorenzi.

Two mothers seeking closures in a case that’s gone on for 12 months. One seeking justice for her son who she says was unjustly accused, and he other seeking closure for a daughter who is gone but not forgotten.

“I’m kind of wondering why now, at this vigil, that you decided to take the opportunity to come speak with me,” said DiDiano.

“I did not come here to speak with you; I came to speak with the news. And I did not come inside there; I did not interrupt any of your thing,” Lorenzi said. “I did not come here to start any trouble. I came here to speak with them. I did not want to interrupt anything that you are having for your daughter.”

The case remains open. Kail’s family members are hoping the vigil will prompted someone to come forward with information that will help them resolve the case.

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