EAST LIBERTY (KDKA) — One person was injured and two people are in police custody following a shooting and standoff Sunday evening in East Liberty.

According to investigators, it all started when two men were leaving a neighborhood McDonald’s restaurant. The victim reported that two people walked up and began shooting at him.

Authorities say the suspects ran off, and then into a home in the 5800-block of Rippey Street.

Police responded, and the SWAT team was eventually called to the incident around 7 p.m.

The standoff lasted about an hour as authorities surrounded the home and used tear gas to try and get the suspects out.

Officials say it all ended when the suspects came out of the home with their hands up.

The ordeal left the entire neighborhood on edge.

“There’s cops all around,” Tracey Hollings. “I didn’t know what was going on, so I was definitely worried cause I didn’t know if she was safe, I didn’t know if the neighbors were safe or anything.”

The two suspects are in police custody and are facing charges including aggravated assault and violation of the uniform firearms act.

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