BELLEFONTE, Pa. (KDKA) — Jerry Sandusky was back in court Thursday morning in what turned out to be a very quick appearance.

The proceedings were held to discuss several issues, including Sandusky’s request to have the charges against him dismissed.

The hearing didn’t last long because the defense either agreed to hold off on some of its issues or to have the option to look at those issues again later as the case proceeds.

It was expected the hearing could last four hours if all the issues regarding witnesses and evidence were heard today.

But in the end, it ended up lasting only 20 minutes.

Next week, the judge will formally either dismiss or deny many of the defense concerns about Sandusky’s statements and phone calls as evidence, giving the defense the option of re-filing those motions later.

But the issue of whether defendants Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, former Penn State University administrators, can testify for the defense in the Sandusky case has yet to be resolved.

“Our position remains that if they are unavailable because they are going to invoke their Fifth Amendment rights, then we have a right to request a continuance or some sort of alternative resolution as to those charges relating to number two,” said Joe Amendola, Sandusky’s attorney, “and by alternative resolutions there are a couple things come to mind; the court could severe that part of the case – meaning that would be tried down the road separately when those two individuals are available or when we decide that maybe they’re not necessary.”

The prosecutor, Joseph McGettigan, concedes that the issue could delay things with regard to the alleged victim said to have been molested in the shower on the PSU campus.

However, the prosecutor still thinks that the case can proceed.

In his remarks to reporters, the prosecutor called The Second Mile Foundation, in his words, “a victim factory.”

The case is still scheduled to begin with jury selection June 5.

Sandusky’s Attorney Wants Some Charges Dropped (4/5/12)
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