Driving a Prius has become a status symbol. Toyota’s iconically shaped hybrid gives you instant environmental street cred and says to the world that you care about greenhouse gasses, emissions and leaving less of a carbon footprint on the earth, even if you are not ready to jump on the T every morning. Problem was for a lot of people especially those who got married and started to have families the Prius became too small. Can’t haul a ton of stuff and the kids up to the cabin in the original number so whats an ozone saving, earth caring, Al Gore fan to do?  Buy a Highlander and lose the status symbol?  Maybe not. Toyota has the answer….make the Prius bigger and that’s what you have with the Prius V. More room for everything…kids…cargo…the dog. It all fits in the small SUV like proportions of the Prius V. And you still get instant smiles when you pull up at the Sierra Club meeting, unless the guy in front of you is driving a Leaf or a Volt!

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Vinnie Richichi has been driving vehicles of all kinds and covering the automotive scene for over 20 years. His Drivetime-radio vehicle reviews have aired on radio stations across the US as well as his website www.drivetime-radio.com. You can hear Vinnie weekdays on The Vinnie and Cook Show on Sportsradio 93-7 The Fan.

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