PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – One week after his visit to Bethel Park, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney returned to this area.

This time, he stopped at the Consol Energy facility in South Park.

A presidential campaign rally brings out the politicians like Keith Rothfus running for Congress and incumbent Congressmen Mike Kelly and Tim Murphy.

Kelly even took Murphy’s picture for him, but the big star was Romney.

“I haven’t been in a facility quite like this before and appreciate some miners here today and appreciate the work that you do here,” Romney said.

The backdrop was the Consol Energy research campus in South Park, which Romney used as a platform to ridicule President Barrack Obama’s all-of-the above energy policy.

“I couldn’t figure that out, given his policies, and then it struck me. He’s for all the sources of energy that come from above the ground — wind and solar — he just doesn’t like the things that come from below the ground,” Romney said.

Saying the president opposes resources like coal, natural gas, and oil, Romney pledged.

“The course I’ll put us on is to take advantage of what comes from above the ground as well as what comes from below the ground so that America can finally become energy secure and independent of the oil cartel,” Romney said.

Romney’s reception was enthusiastic, but he chose to end his Pennsylvania primary campaign outside Philadelphia where more Republicans live.

Obviously the platform on which the governor spoke is being hauled away now, as he moves to eastern Pennsylvania for the rest of this campaign.

It appears that energy is going to be an important theme in this campaign for president.


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