PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — In West Wheatfield Township in Indiana County it looks more like January than the end of April.

Kids were home from school, sled riding in the yard and building snowmen.

Across Indiana County snow piled up on roadways and trees, causing large branches to fall to the ground.

In Westmoreland County, tulips poked through the snow in Ligioner’s Diamond. There was no place for lunch in the park on this so-called spring day.

“Oh boy, I heard it falling off pine trees,” Westmoreland County resident Jim Roadman said. “Looked out, it was like a winter wonderland.”

For some, the spring snow brought power outages. However, for most it was a small price to pay for a mild winter.

In Fayette County it was a lot more of the same.

Snow covered trees and snow piled up to people’s knees was the sight many woke up to.

The mountains in Uniontown get more accumulation than the low-lying areas, but some in the area said Monday’s snowfall was just too much.

“Not this time of year,” Chalk Hill resident Patty Morrison said. “It’s too late, it’s almost May.”

“I don’t like it,” Chalk Hill resident Tino Harris said. “I’m ready for the 80-degree weather to come back.”

Six to eight inches of snow forced spring to go on a temporary vacation.

“(It’s) just rain over in Leechburg,” Joe Ferguson said. “That’s all we had — Steady rain, 37 degrees. (I) come down here across the summit — 12 inches of snow. Just unbelievable.”

Even PennDOT was caught off guard with the blast of winter.

“We were real excited gearing up and getting a jump on our summer program,” Ron Inks of PennDOT said. “We had some pans on trucks to do some small paving operations. (On) Sunday we had to take those pans off and put some spreaders back on.”

PennDOT trucks will be out in full force this evening. The storm is supposed to end overnight.

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