PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A man wanted in connection with an armored truck heist in February was arrested in Florida Tuesday morning.

Neighbors in Ken Konias’ hometown of Dravosburg are reacting to his arrest and the Konias’ family lawyer said everyone is relieved he’s been found.

It was just over a month ago that Konias’ mother, Renee, asked for her son to turn himself in. The family and their attorney had wanted this to end with him safely in custody.

In a statement given to KDKA-TV, family attorney Charles LoPresti said:

“The family is very relieved that he’s been taken into custody safely, both for himself and everyone else involved. They are anxious to speak with him to determine, if they can, what actually happened in the case.”

This morning, there was no answer at the family’s Dravosburg home. However, news of the arrest and the circumstances of how Konias was brought into custody spread quickly through the neighborhood.

“It took so long to catch him. Why he would do something like that? He must be a little off his rocker,”Chuck King said.

The robbery of the armored truck and shooting death of Konias’ partner, Michael Haines, has been the talk of the neighborhood since it happened on Feb. 28.

With sources telling KDKA that Konias was bragging of the crimes, which led to his arrest, neighbors are satisfied that justice will now be served.

“Good for them. And that just shows how dumb he is if he’s doing something like that,” King said.

“And hopefully the family that lost their son will have some closure now,” another neighbor said.

As was said in a previous news conference, family attorney Charles Lopresti said the Konias family shares their deepest condolences with the family of Haines.


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